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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let's Kick This Mob Out #2 - I wrote a song called that and here it is

I know I was bagging Greg (c)Hunt before , as the LNP figure that shits me the most but that top of the plops place can change daily- or hourly. Some like the eminently detestable Officer Dutton lose your focus because they seem to be hidden away during this election campaign. He is a divisive figure - among a party of divided and divisive figures. He is division! Not Da Vision! Division!

Please excuse me if I use exclamation marks too much. I have been using a type writer and have found that prior to the 70s, exclamation marks were not provided for people. How did they ever communicate?

(Upon looking it up on the internet I found a youtube clip showing me how to manufacture one using a  "period" and an "apostrophe. It's very CLERK-PUNK. Yes, 1600 people have viewed this clip).

But there is another divising figure among the dividers. One whose name has been mentioned in despatches along with the risible Officer Dutton as a possible deputy Prime Divider or even a Prime Divider itself.... This figure is the grim and steely grey treasurer Scott Morrison. Sometimes ironically called ScoMo. Why? An utterly humourless character and a quite convincing manifestation of a fantasy political league player from the fevered, gouty mind of a  NSW shock Jock. Indeed I once sat and listened, while on a  long drive through NSW, to Scott Morrison talking with the angry and shocking radio mouth Ray Hadley. They were having some sort of public spat after the LNP got rid of the ridiculous Tony Abbott. A linguist should study the transcript one day. It was like listening in to two corrupt NSW cops talking in their car through a hidden mic. If the word, "mate" had been disallowed - like an exclamation point for instance- the conversation would have lasted one minute. It's hard to look at, mate, how bad things got, mate. Scott was asked mate, to swear on a bible which was supposed to have been planted in the studio where he sat. I mean. Mate!

Scott Morrison represents the seat which is centres around the area of Sydney known as THE SHIRE. CRONULLA. John Howards heartland. This is the holy place for LNP politicians where "real australians" live. Everyone is belongs to a cast of useless characters known as "rent-a-crowd".

Coming from this place of unassailable authenticity he revelled in the job of "stopping the boats" which was the problem the LNP invented to get into government so they could "solve" it.

In 2014 Morrison gave an interview where he talked about removing any chance of any asylum seeker EVER being settled in Australia. He said that he was "taking the sugar off the table". I hope he goes down in history for that shitty statement.


"We've had great success in stopping people coming to Australia by boat and for most of that time over the past year, that has seen a significant reduction of people moving into Indonesia," he said.
"In recent months, we've seen a change to that and that's because people think they can transit and sit in Indonesia and use that as a place to gain access to Australia.
"This is designed to stop people flowing into Indonesia and to support Indonesia and for them not to become a destination country.
"It's taking the sugar off the table."

So I wanted to write a song stewing around all this and I did it last week. It's called "Let's kick this Mob Out".

The sugar was on the table
Scott promiused he would die - strong and bitter
Tony was tied to the mask
winking for his siren
Malcolm was in the long boat
talkin' to his cut throats
sayin' he knew the way
he had navigation up the wazoo
lets kick this mob out

the sugar was on the table

"hey wait! no boat must land! Not on our watch!" They said
"we must decide who goes there and the manner in which they rot!"

lets kick this mob out
the sugar was on the table
lets kick this mob out
the sugar was on the table

***** Tony and his siren - well you know who they are

*****Malcolm in his long boat - a reference to Malcolm BLIGH Turnbull's distant relative who, after the mutiny on the Bounty, took the remaining members of his crew on a long voyage to Indonesia in a  long boat...


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