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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Election dragging on 'ey? Lets kick this mob out!

The seat I live in is Latrobe. During the John Howard years it was the seat of an American born ex policeman called Bob Charles- after having been Labour for a decade. It then went to his LNP successor, Jason Woods, another ex copper. The Rudd election (and Howard rejection) brought a Labour member for one term and then it went back to Jason Woods. He must hate this clip of his most noted speech in parliament. Orgasms...
That last gasp (fart) of John Howards saw his election launch at our local RSL.  He dropped a wad of cash on the place and it soon had a ridiculous ex service tank outside of it, pointing its gun at the main street.

How silly. Always with the  war!
Yes, how glad we were to see the arse end of Howard and Costello! How little did we know what terrible shitly characters awaited us? Abbott. Kevin Andrews, Greg (c)Hunt Joe Hockey, Matthias the terminator, Christopher Pyne. Actually, the Conservatives so resented being kicked out of office that they just refused to believe it was the case. Tony Abbott had the party on an election footing since some time in 2008. He invented problems such as a flood of refugees and terrible taxes on mining and pollution and solved them. Great big hurrahs!
How glad we were to see the arse end of Tony Abbott, the mad monk! How little did we know as to what shitly characters just stayed in place and stood behind the oily lawyer Malcolm Bligh Turnbull!

Anyway, I keep running into our ALP candidate, Simon Curtis He is a schoolteacher and I met him at an opening of the Selby pool we played at, then at the Upper Ferntree Gully train station early one morning as he stood there, saying hello to people. Probably before he had to go to work himself. He's started to be active on Social media and he's always pictured at these freezing train stations and walking around the hills.

I would never vote LNP and I must say, Jason lost me at "orgasm"

The seat needs a 4% swing to change. The Greens? Always an option. In the Senate, for me.

Only four more weeks to go.

I just don't know which one of those lying LNP freaks I dislike the most? How I would love Pyne to lose his seat! Cory Bernardi as well, as a proud South Australian born dude, those two insult the place so manifestly. And the gruesome Peter Dutton (another ex cop). But there's something about (c)Hunt which really grates on me. He is so unconvincing in his fronting of such shocking policies in his role as Environment Minister. Then today there's this story of his precious tweets to American tv host Ellen Degeneres who dared to point out, like so many actual scientists already have, how quickly the Great Barrier Reef is DYING! He cares about her opinion. Because tourists! Yes, I do hate him the most. Like Abbott, he is relentless - but in a horribly decent way. I am heartened by the thought that he and Fat Joe Hockey will go down in actual HISTORY ( they might care about that) as the worst amongst the worst. (c)Hunt, who did everything he could, as Environment minister, to fuck up the environment and  Fat Joe who killed the Car industry as a matter  of ideological pride, so soon after taking office in his role as treasurer and punisher (volunteer role).

Here they Dutton, Pyne and (c)Hunt are dancing and laughing as they repealed the Carbon tax... Chums for business!


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Good site.

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Good site.


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