dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS

dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oct dates-radio shows-etc

The beginning of this blog I was questioning what the point of it was. Still haven't really felt much different. Recent book panel thing with a Yank and a Canadian the talk was of writers performing. I said I loved Michael Ondaatje and people poo pooed him for not being a showman. i said "yeah, he's a feckin' writer!" or somethin' like that. People you have the most respect for are teh ones not shootin' their mouths off all the time. Sports players especially.
Anyway, here I am taking up some digital space. Though that is limitless isn't it? Up in the clouds someshwere?

Here are some random places I have been.

Saw a film called "the singularity" about a US inventor called Ray Kurzweill. He made these great keyboards and things that allowed blind people to scan and hear whats in a book. Obsessed with living forever. Makes a lot of dough with vitamins etc. Takes 2 - 300 pills a day. "reprogramming my hardware". Has identified a moment when man and digital technology will come together and teat will come soon. "THE SINGULARITY". Has a shed with his fathers lifes work in it. Wants to bring his dads brian and ideas back. Wants to upload himself. Was an interesting film. three scientists were at the screening, all working on robotics. Some are for the SINGULAITY and most against it. the robots will kill us. One looked like a Grateful Dead fan, another like Ray Manzarek. (a dork). I asked a question, "aren't you afraid that there might be an agent from the future here in the audience to kill you?". I'm afraid the singularity is already happening. We are done for.

Talked with gary Foley, aboriginal political activist on the radio show I do (Banana Lounge Broadcasting midday-2pm Tuesdays on RRR fm http://www.rrr.org.au). The podcast is available on the RRR "audio archives" section of their site. Gary is doinga show at the Melbourne Festival. A great talker.

Also interviewed football legend Tommy Hafey. Coached Richmond and Collingwood, geelong and Sydney. 80 years old, does 200 pushups, 700 situps, a run along the beach and a swim EVERY morning of his life and has never drank booze or smoked. Amazingly focussed 80 year old. Sharp as a tack.

Gonna talk to Graham Bon in November.Also Robin Hitchcock and Fiona Oloughlin.

Read a great book by Delia Falconer . "the lost thoughts of soldiers". Its a great book if you know the characters in the George Armstroing Custers regiment that was at Little Big Horn. I had a cat for 20 years called AUGHTIE,.the name that Custer was called, when a boy, by his younger brother Tom. So yes, I was up to speed on the 7th cavalry.

Also read William Blighs "mutiny on the bounty" . Six months in Tahiti and the crew mutinied when they left. Bligh cast adrift in a long boat with 18 men. Took them 3,600 miles to Java . One crew member was killed by natives on an island they stopped at. Navigating by sextant , telescope and time piece.

Caught up with series 3 of "Breaking bad". What an arsehole the main character is. Quite addictive though. poor Jesse.

Saw two series of "justified". Awesome characters and milieu. Kentucky meth cooking dope dealing dixie mafia bastards.

Started watching "curb your enthusiasm" from series one.

Still catch "neighbours" most nights.

Loved the new album by PJ Harvey, "let england shake" and teh new one by TINIWAREN. the desert dwelling guitar boogie meisters. This is more of an acoustic hitout.

Doing a lot of writing. Looking forward to some playing...

Wheatsheaf Hotel- Adelaide. Oct 14th and 15th. This gig is run by a group of women in a quiet street just off the main squares of the city. Thebarton. No poker machines or sports tvs. A band room out the back. We do two sets, stretching out into new and old tunes.

Northcote Social Club Oct 31st. A monday night, before the melbourne Cup. With our friends, the Sand Pebbles. A great room with a great sound.

Camelot Lounge, Marrickville, Sydney -Nov 11th.
Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle with teh SINS. Nov 12th.


Aussie Golfer said...

Busy. What was the Tom Hafey interview for? Can't wait to read that.

Marcus said...

I mortally offended Tommy Hafey once when he asked which team I went for. I told him I didn't have a team. His follow up question was well where are you from then?

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the Tommy Hafey interview Dave, will be there be a podcast? cheers, cam.

the savage sportsman said...

Tommy Hafey interview was set up by my co-host Elizabeth.Part of the Sept footy fever. For our radio show on RRR.

Marcus I am glad you met an authentic old world guy who thought to ask such a direct , penetrating question in regard to your existence on earth.

Should be a podcast soon.

Blogger said...

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