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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Election Limbo-Monday night after Saturday vote

Well the seat we live in - Latrobe- is still up in the air. Postal votes coming in to be counted tomorrow. Apparently about 12,000. I hope Labour wins. The Liberal is an ex copper. The only advice I ever got from my Dad was "don't mess with the Gendarmes!"
My mother? She said "once a cop- never a man!

We went down to the Primary School to vote at about 3pm. A long queue greeted us. There were people from The Greens, the Labour party, Animal Justice Party and one with a  UNION how to vote card. They were all female.
As the queue progressed there was a Liberal party worker who handed out his Senate and House Of Reps how to vote leaflets to people just behind us with the words "we've got to sort this CFA mess out!". He added that he was a CFA member. The couple behind us agreed. I couldn't let it pass and told him that this was a Federal election on s and that the CFA dispute with the Fire Fighters Union was a State Government issue. There was no way a federal government could do anything. He backed off a bit but the couple behind me started yelling that the CFA was important. I said I loved the CFA , and also sausages (there was a bbq nearby) but that was a State issue. I guess they went and voted Liberal. I ran into the woman at my booth and then Clare ran into them at the Supermarket as we made our way to a party.

The party was a friends 40th in the Hills, not far from home. After a while, everybody had their phones out, looking at the count coming in as an upset seemed to be possibly- maybe - happening.

We stayed until 11pm and then went home to catch the Election broadcasts. It turned out to be an exciting, unpredictable event. Not at all what I was expecting. I wanted Labour to win but couldn't believe it ccould really happen. It's not the kind of place to go mad like that. I mean, in a good way.
Queensland went mad, as it usually does. Them and their bitterness and their baseball bats. Always out to clobber some political party, but usually for reasons of .... who knows? They just like to hit people with baseball bats I think.

Anyway, they voted in two Senators from the One Moron Party.  Thanks for that, Maroons!

I have been working on our July release. Just finished it. I used the term Chamber Pop to Clare Moore. She heard it as Chamber Pot. So, no, I won't be using it to describe this song when it comes out. Kind of a baroque, pop folk feel to it. 12 string acoustic, piano, organ, backing vocals, reverberant tambourine and swelling cymbals tinging and crashing. It's going to be called "You Need a Kleek, Klook".
Someone needs a home, context, a background, a story, a crew, some cocoon to emerge from within. They need a Kleek, Klook.
Someone will know what I'm talkin' about.

Best things about the election?
No David Leyonhelm. Wyatt Roy. See yas!

Worst, still got Christopher Pyne, Peter Dutton, Cory Bernardi, Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt. And others....

Malcolm Turnbull kept going on about his PLAN but no one knew what it was. He was either not himself- (its strange how intimate everubody is with him, calling him Malcolm, as if he's someone they really know.) or he has hypnotized people to imagine he  is different to what he is. He had all the same ghouls surrounding him as the man he toppled, Tony Abbott, and all his cruel policies. But people think MALCOLM is really a nice, soft, caring old school Liberal. He just had to win the election then he could be himself. By himself I mean that other person in some peoples minds.

But the people surrounding him are looking at the wreckage of the election and saying he wasn't hard or cruel enough. All those people who voted for the One Moron Party  did so because the Liberals weren't hard enough. Isn't that telling? The Conservative party is so far to the right they look to One Moron to get their bearings?

How about the fact that James Ashby is her political advisor? The guy who sued the former Speaker of the house Peter Slipper for Sexual Harrassment  and so Slipper was removed from the Labour Party - in a  minority government. And someone stole his diary - and the Liberal MP  involved , Mal Brough, had to resign as the Federal Police investigated and Christopher Pyne was mentioned as well as Wyatt Roy. How grubby are these people, the adults?

Maybe Labour will still get a minority government together?

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