dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS

dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Euro debriefing continued - LONDON - Edinburgh- Melbourne

Hey I know this is months after the facts now. Slackness- I demand it!

After a wonderful Indian summer all through September and October in Europe we skipped from Austria to the UK. This first involved a last lingering look at Vienna and then a long drive to Calais.

We said goodbye to Phil Shoenfeldt and his band on the street in Vienna- a beautiful city I would love to spend more time in.

I did all the driving for the trip. Clare found me a can of cold HEMP to help on this leg.

Off we went...

We arrived in Calais and jumped on a boat to Dover, presuming to get a  train at the other end. Since the tunnel, there are , however, not so many trains so we had a long walk with much luggage to a  lonely depot and eventually caught a cab. Calculations on train fares to London and then several trips to Brixton resulted in a  decision to take the taxi  ALL THE WAY TO LONDON! This was actually cheaper. The driver was a nice guy, a Kurdish gent who brought us up to date on the conflict in Iran/Iraq and the IS and the oil all mixed up in it.

We arrived in London and stayed with an old friend DAVE WESTERN in Brixton.

**** unless he's in them - most London shots are by Dave Western***** 

Dave did the covers for the White Buffaloes album "my life on the plains" , the first Coral Snakes album " I was the Hunter and I was the prey " and the "codine" EP.

 His art can be seen here.

We went on many trips around London. One was to find the first squat we lived in on arriving in 1983. It was Robert and Lindys's from the Go Betweens in West Hampstead. Rowland Howard and Genevieve were on the top floor. It was quite a soft landing , in a very genteel part of London. It lasted for a few months, until a bunch of heavy guys came and threw all of our stuff out onto the street. We didn't really have much, and walked off to god knows where with Rowlands voice coming down the stairs , "Gen!where's my Lego set!"

We waked around for a while and were pretty sure  it was this one ...

While walking around, we visited this pub , which used to be called the Moonlight Club. Joy Division played here- as did the Birthday Party. I tweeted it and a UK gent added that it was also Klooks Kleek in the mid 60s- being very close to Decca Records and was host to many people such as John Mayall, the Graham Bond Organization and Led Zeppelin (they did their first three London gigs there)

A recent book about Klooks Kleek and the Railway Hotel

Nearby was this laneway.

We walked down it, a long way to Finchley Rd? Very narrow and grim and smelling of piss.

We walked the backstreets of Brixton and dave brought us to this place. A plaque to early 20th century theatrical impressario Fred Karno, who took Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel to the USA.

We walked around the city and walked up the Monument Tower- built after the fire of London and also went to the original gates to the original Tower Bridge- (which was full of houses at the time)

Our first show was at the Windmill Hotel in Brixton on Tuesday the 14th October. It was a double bill with Clare and I doing a duo set first.

A highlight of the evening was meeting Nick Harper, who played guitar on two tracks on FEARFUL WIGGINGS. We had communicated over the internet but never met. A lovely guy and absolutely amazing musician.

Nick can be reached here via his website.

We toured London some more. This is a picture of Clare Moore at the Joseph Beuys room at the Tate, surrounded by iron turds.


 We met Harry in the West End...

London is a public transport city...

(Yes, I wore that jacket for 5 weeks. Threw it in the bin on return).
London 12 bar – Thursday 16th

 This is a strange and wonderful venue which is unfortunately closing in Jan 2015 due to the rush to build apartments for the rich in London and so to bulldoze Denmark st Soho- a street full of music shops.

 It was a great night and the last date we did with Harry and Edwina for the tour. We had a great time playing with them.

We then played  a show in Islington, a north London area where we spent a lot of time many years ago. This was a pretty crude gig, sitting on top of a  pool table .... Melbourne venues are amazingly good in comparison to most other cities.

Mucky Pup 18th

We then took a train to Edinburgh and hooked up with Malcolm Ross and Syuzen Buckley, two very dear friends.

We went to a  gig by the Pop Group on the first night in town.  An amazing show, and I got to meet Davey Henderson from the Fire Engines. It seemed to be Edinburghs' "class of '77" in the room. the band were amazingly great. Coming to Melbourne in March and harry Howard and the NDE will be opening for them. I bought the cd re-issue of "we are time" an album I had on vinyl but which is now unplayable due to the thrashing I gave it.

We played a gig with Buckleys Chance the next night in the same venue. A great night with old friends!

Edinburgh is a wonderful city and so much more human after the infernal machine that is London.

We returned to London and did some more touring around the city.

We then got back on that diabolical plane for a couple of days (it seemed) and watched some of the worst movies ever made - again.

We arrived in Melbourne and , a week later , went to Sydney to play with Harry Howard and the NDE as a part of the Sydney leg of the Rowland S Howard tribute show.

Hey, if you've been reading this stuff- thanks for your attention.  It's been a  chaotic year but many joyful moments.

I'm working on a  couple of live releases for 2015, as well as a Wam and Daz album.

The Euro trip was very inspiring and we aim to return North in late 2015 as well.

Dec 26th - annual dave graney solo show BOXING DAY AT THE METRO in Adelaide
Jan 10th - one off show with MALCOLM ROSS (Josef K/Orange Juice/Aztec Camera/Coral Snakes) at Handsome Steves bar in Melbourne. Steve Miller Band, Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Stu Thomas all having a squawk.6pm
Friday Feb 5th and Saturday 6th dave graney solo at the Junk Bar in Brisbane
Friday Feb 6th tickets here
Saturday Feb 7th tickets here
March 14th - special dave graney and the mistLY event at Knox arts centre in Bayswater

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Anonymous said...

It is an absolute pleasure DG. It is so nice to be able to catch up with your stuff again after a considerable absence after a long stint overseas in a completely different mind set.
We communicated a couple of times many years back in the tell me grasshopper and 'Heroic Blues' phases and I just wanted to come in out of the ether again to let you know that, despite how it sometimes seems, one is not always shooting blanks.
Oh, and a real world compliment too. A youngster was recently asking me about my top ten albums and if there was anything that I always came back to. I replied that 'Night' was, in my opinion the best and, furthermore, most well rounded Australian album of all time.
After recommending several of the other things your various gangs have come up with I was moved to run through your back catalogue fairly consistently over the past few months. (These days I am managing a tree farm over in the West and have been up on a cherry picker doing overhead frost lines in your proximal company.)
I am lucky to be a bit behind and just letting 'Hashish and Liquor' slowly weave itself in. For a while, as a listener I felt a bit fended off, as if that were your intention somehow, but absolutely glad for the dimensions you mention, and no offence intended. I am happy to let things arrive more slowly now.
That image of lipstick and tobacco and bicycle wheels was so lovely to rediscover. Thanks so so much for your continued efforts, its almost worth moving East to catch a few shows again.


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