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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Friday, February 26, 2010

brooklyn-home of the piss weak beard

Brooklyn, the way I saw it through the television. (And the way I preferred it).

Saturday Night Fever
She's Gotta Have It
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Warriors
Do the Right Thing
Dog Day Afternoon
The French Connection
Mo ' Better Blues
Once Upon a Time in America
Saturday Night Fever
The Honeymooners
Welcome back Kotter
The Life of Reilly

The latter starred the incrdible William Bendix who also featured in Hitchcocks “Lifeboat” with Tallulah Bankhead. Bendix is in the boat and his legs have been cut off. he is in her arms, reminiscing about dancing back in the states. It must have been Brooklyn! He is close to death or in such physical pain he is in another delirious realm of existence. he asks her, “will I still be able to dance?”

This is Brooklyn!

Contrast this to the steady stream of effette, though bearded, old young (or young old) farts playing tediously correct indie rock that profess to come from that borough. Whats happened to this world that it is so crude and brutal yet the art that springs from the streets is so weak and timid and content to be hugged by recognized peers only?

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Mr. Goldblog said...

I went to Brooklyn just before the GFC hit. It was like walking around in a scene from THX1188. Everyone looked and talked the same, except they were bearded and in black or looked like that dancing dude from Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

The 'main strip' Bedford Road is smaller than Smith st, Collingwood and more boring.

New York is pretty much Chadstone shopping centre these days, and the New Yorkers want to live in Berlin.

Melbourne is the last bastion if hipster civilisation. I don't have a problem if Melbourne becomes more 'international' like an exotic outpost in some trans-national sci-fi novel.


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