dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS

dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Friday, October 11, 2013

THE DAMES album is out now on Cockaigne - playing adelaide at the wheatsheaf nov 3rd and Sydney at the Red Rattler Dec 13th

I played some guitar on the album and am playing on all the gigs.

THE DAMES started as a way for Clare Moore and Kaye Patterson to combine their songs in one setup. Clare and I had mixed Kayes album , "International Travel"in 2006.

Rosie Westbrook joined on bass.

The first gigs were as a trio and this really suited Kayes songs. The recordings were begun in 2010. Clares songs needed a few more textures as she built up her songs in the studio from her keyboards.
So by 2012 Will Hindmarsh (from Go Go Sapien) was involved on laptop and synth/keys and I was playing some guitar.

Late in 2012 the DAMES did a gig in Melbourne opening for Barry Adamson. Barry was an old friend from the Magazine days and also when he was in the first version of the Bad Seeds. Barry loved the songs and , upon returning to the UK, suggested he could mix the album. This happened .

The first track on the album is one of Clares called ALL MINE.
We'd been doing some music for a film by Michael Vale and Donna McRae and they offered to make a  clip. The result was a  deluxe video shot at Monash with a  great cameraman called Lazlo - who also devised the brilliant lights. 

Michael and Donna did all the art design and involved the actors and had the general horror/ noir idea down.
They really had a  thing for gloves.

and we got into the swing of it...

The second song on the album is Wait, a lovely pop groove from Kaye.

Then there's Eve from Clare. A song about the female character from IRONSIDE.Clare plays everything on this track.

Dudley is an instrumental from Kaye. Dedicated to Dudley Moore

Then Clare covers a Beverley Martyn song called Auntie Aviator - featuring myself on acoustic 12 string guitar and Matt Walker on some brilliant electric slide guitar. and Kaye gives us English Life.

Clare then takes us back to tv world with her paen to a  character from Angel called THE GROOSALUGG. The music was written by Stu Thomas.

The album continues with another instrumental from Kaye. 5468-JUMP. The title alludes to the time signatures the song moves through.

Then there is Kaye's epic CANYON with guitar heroics from guest player ASHLEY NAYLOR.

The album closes with Clares JUNKTIME. This song  first appeared on WE WUZ CURIOUS in 2008. Music by Clare and lyrics by me.

Shows have been going well. Castlemaine and Melbourne so far. We visit Adelaide Nov 3rd at the Wheatsheaf. Then Sydney at the Red rattler w/ Harry Howard and the NDE Dec 13th and the Heritage Hotel in Bulli w/ Jodi Phillis Dec 14th.
BRISBANE! BRISBANE -  Friday. (night) 21st February 2014 Queen St. Mall
                      Saturday (day) 22nd February 2014: Queen St. Mall
                      Sunday (approx. 3pm) 23rd February 2014: Powerhouse

THE DAMES have a facebook page of course https://www.facebook.com/thedamesmusic

The album is also available here http://thedames.bandcamp.com/ where the album can be a $15 digital copy or $20 for digital and a cd.

It is also available at itunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/the-dames/id691737894

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Why no audio of Canyon? It is so genious. Why you no Canyon?