dave graney is a working musician. A very rare bird.

dave graney is  a working musician. A very rare bird.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

singles and rarities available via paypal

We have some singles and albums available in very limited quantities.These are in cd format- not vinyl. Other rarities will be posted from time to time
As Max Miller was wont to say "there'll never be another!"

VERY limited number of this full length cd from 1998.A CLASSIC! Jewel case cover. This album is OUT ON ITS OWN!
read the story of this album

The excellent single from this album is also available in limited quantities. "Your masters must be pleased with you" comes in a jewel case cd format.

Handmade/hand printed single of "are we goin' too fast for love?" from 2001.

Hand made / hand printed single for MIDNIGHT TO DAWN from 2003.

Jewel case cd single from 1997. The last single from the Coral Snakes period. Comes with a "scratch'n'sniff" perfume tester card inside the case.

The original jewel case cd single cover for this single.



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