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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

victorian RSLs and over to the real economy

Caravan Music Club is a very cute room in Oakleigh. Oakleigh RSL .I have always loved the name of that suburb. Deeply suburban. A venue opened by a fellow who originally had people playing in his house. A reaction to lack of venues in the area and also people who disliked the ones that were operating. Its become a thing/ a place for older people to go. We play anywhere however and this was our first visit .We'd been travelling so long and so intensely that we had no time to scope it out before hand. Stu Perera and mark Fitzgibbon couldn't make the gig. It was a power trio. Me, Mooresy and Thommo.
A beautiful room in a long quiet street.Excellent hospitality. A good crowd of people came along. The older audience is very direct and demanding. They know what they want. I know that they know what they want. They tell me what they want. I know what I want. We were playing at a highly tuned level. I can't know what they mean- know what I mean?
Excellent job for the man who created the club to get off his ass and do something for the local people.

The very next day we play at 2pm at the Williamstown RSL across the bay. While we set up I hear the strangest music over the PA. "Julia" by Pavlovs Dog. A music club called the "WILD WEST" takes over the RSL every week. The fellow who runs the club has read my book and has his ipod selection tuned to every band or song I mention in it!
We play two sets, again to a mature audience. Different socio-economic bracket I guess. Pez is with us for this one. We are packed up and driving home at 6pm. A fellow talks to us who is straight out of a Henry Lawson story. Long flowing (dyed) brown hair under a big stockmans hat with knee length riding boots and the most proper manners I have ever encountered in years. Very well spoken but so diplomatic and erudite. A country gent. The man who runs the club ( who mixed the ipod) runs a local bank and played for the local footy team and went to the local primary and high schools. A local hero. Made the weekend to meet and talk with the people there.

The next weekend we flew to WA for two gigs. Had booked tickets on Tiger which fell over immediately. Scrambled to get some other flights and got there on the Friday. Stayed at a hotel across from the city rail and bus station. They have been constructing something in this area since 1993. Its always had shit all over the street. Nowhere to eat except at the hotel after 5pm. What a sad situation for a city! Billboards for mining everywhere. Talking over the heads of the people to investors. Real people.
No evidence of a poster in the Freo gig.
People turn up. Must be due to Facebook and Twitter. The promoter doesn't. Sends a girl to work the door who is on her phone all night.
At the end of the gig a security guard throws everybody out immediately. I hate security. Not needed for the most part. Not at any gig I ever do. Superfluous insurance bullshit. Making trouble and tension all night.
Next day we walk through the city. in the shops they all moan that nobody is spending. This is the boom town!
Northbridge gig has no posters. The local promoter arrives.
I think he needs JJJ airplay and a large festival situation to get out of bed.
People are there.We make show like no others.

Fly back the next day. Bumped to Business Class. This is living!

Our next shows are at the Old Council Chambers in the South Melbourne Town Hall from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July. 7:45 - 8:45 each night. 90 people fit in the room. We'll be doing it as a 5 piece and making it a deluxe show.


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Gorden Rotus said...

Having had my interest in things Graney revived by a recently published book , I was disappointed for a couple of months when it looked like Perth would miss out on the latest tour . Then during one of my random surf sessions I checked to see what The Bakery had coming up , I learned that DG&TLYM were gonna be here . I immediately purchased a ticket and took DG&TLYM off of my personal playlist so as not to OD on the sound , to build up a bit of hunger . I monitored the local media to see if there would be any publicity . It may have been there , I might have missed something , but I can't say I saw it or heard it . So the big day comes around and at this show , Dave and Co. do their thing for a crowd of about 50 , a third of which were there for the young support act ( sorry I can't remember their name ), half of which were 'boomers like me . Embarrassing that our town couldn't muster a larger audience .200 would have been more like it .
I had a brief chat with The Man while he manned the merch prior to showtime . Was pleased to discover first hand what a nice guy he is . When his turn came around he , Clare and Stu gave a quite satisfying performance . Thanks for bringin' your schtick to dullsville Dave . Gotta go out back to see if the clothes are dry . While out there , I'll have a piss and a look around in your honour .


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