dave graney is a working musician. A very rare bird.

dave graney is  a working musician. A very rare bird.
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fearful Wiggings track by track - in concert tour and new clip

Was very pleased and honoured for FEARFUL WIGGINGS to get "album of the week" on Triple R in Melbourne last week. This is what they said, also the best review the cd has had so far as well!

 "The latest installment from iconic Melbourne musician (and Triple R broadcaster!) Dave Graney is as compelling and unique as ever. On this record we hear the distinctive vocals and poetically concise lyricism Dave is known for presented in new and ever more expressive sonic form. Throughout the course of the album Dave Graney and partner Clare Moore explore everything from sparse folk, jazz, to adventurous art pop, all with a richly textured ambience."
Simon Winkler - Triple R 

 Here is a track by track guide to the album.

A woman skinnies a  man up

There was a conversation with my cousin Garry, who’s a stock and station agent in South East Sth Australia. He often says funny things. He was describing how a friend behaved when a woman was around. “She skinnied him up…” The music is a kind of boogie that I’d been goofing off on for years. No bass. I saw a documentary about the Californian country singer Buck Owens and he said he hardly used any bass on his trademark “Bakersfield sound” country records so as to give more room for the vocals. I love the sound of 60s country and where the voice sits, way out front, so that was  a big thing in my approach to the whole album.
Everything was legendary with Robert

A mutated Bo Diddley beat with acoustic and electric guitars and bass xylophone. This is the single. The music sounded like  a tv theme tune to me, which is to say , I thought it was high quality and really catchy. It’s like a Ray Davies type of a  song as far as the lyrics go. 

How Can You get Out of London?

The second line is “how can you get London out?” We lived there for five years and had to leave suddenly. A kind of a “what if?” shadow life runs through my mind occasionally . “What if we’d stayed there?”  I love to read books about London. It’s in my mind a lot. The music is a kind of Latin groove, again. Clares voice has no reverb. Dry and straight like those British folk records I’ve been immersed in for years.

Country Roads, unwinding

Aside from London, I am obsessed with country roads and down beat country towns. They’re disappearing, really. Just villages with old people and a few antiques shops.  I know, I do a lot of driving. Clare plays the vibes on this track. it was finished very early in the piece. Just fell into a sweet spot pretty easily.

A fellow called Heath Britton came up to me after a solo gig in Adelaide and said he had some footage of the drive between Mt Gambier and Adelaide. He kindly sent it to me and I used it for this clip. It was sent on a disc at 4X the speed and I only used the part of the drive between Mt Gambier and Millicent.

Flower of the earth

I got very ill in Paris in 2008 and almost coughed my lungs up on a metro train and then on the street. Thought I was popping my cork. A lot of blood can scare you. When it’s coming out of you. I had been trying to learn French and read, slowly, a  lot of old books. One was French Vietnamese poetry and there was this proverb saying “ man is the flower of the earth”. I thought that was a wonderful thing to be said at a time when the persons country was being “bombed into the stone age” by the Yanks. A lot of bad French grammar in the lyrics of this song.  I wanted to say “Man!Woman! like Eric Burdon did in the New Animals. I pulled the beat together and liked the groove of the chords. Augmented or diminished chords. Kind of a “cha cha cha” feel in the bass line. Like all those great 30s feels that a lot of classic disco had.

Fearful Wiggings

Nick Harper played guitar on this song. He’s a UK singer and player. Son Of Roy harper. I’d been listening to all this UK folk and he grew up totally IN that world. He got in touch once because he liked some of my songs and even played one at his gigs. He asked me to sing a song on his 2013 album , “Riven”. In return , I asked him to play on a couple of mine. An amazing guitarist. I’ve never met him in the flesh. Hopefully some time this year. The lyrics of this song are very personal. It was originally called “the ballad of Graney and Moore”. That was either a bit too high flown  or a bit too rootsy or earthy.

I’m the Stranger in Town

Sadly, I have realized that this is how I have lived my life. As if I was just passing through – or if I was set to leave at any moment. Like the songs says “silly – I know”

The music is a bit of a groove I’d been mucking around on for ages. Didn’t want it to sound too straight and “bluesy” so I asked Clare to play it half time as if it was a hip hop track,. Just one mic on the drums.  There’s cicadas on it. I needed a lonely sound and walked onto my deck with a ZOOM and took them from my own yard. Summer sounds.

Je est un Autre

A line Arthur Rimbaud wrote in a letter to a friend when he was seventeen years old. “I is another”. Translated differently sometimes but this has the correct clunky meaning. “I” is the person who is thinking “me” up and fronting it to “you”. Just me on twelve string guitar and some buried keys. 

Look into my shades

When I was coughing up blood in Paris in 2008 I had to see a doctor with x rays of my lungs. He came out all dressed in denim. The denim jacket slung over his shoulders. He had longish grey hair and mirror shades on, as he stared at the X-rays and waved me off with a  happy go lucky smile and shake of his head.  I went around the corner to have a coffee and was heaving up more blood into a bin five minutes later. The Doctor with the shades image stayed with me. The song is kind of an Isaac Hayes rap. A wounded, macho man groaning about his ills. The music is a lot of chordal work, stacks upon stacks of chords, set against a Bo Diddley beat. No bass until the last minute. 

I know you can’t see me

This is the purest moment of the session I did with Lisa Gerrard. She worked on the vocal eq for a long time. The reverb and it’s stereo pan. Just guitar and vocal and Lisa doing some ambient singing way in the distance. I can’t thank her enough for inspiration and fire. 

Everything is perfect in it’s beginning

This was all recorded at our studio. Funny, discordant guitar chords. I’d demo’d this a couple of years ago. Hard to get a  beat to the irregular timing. I figured something out with a hip hop boombox. Kind of prog chords in the chorus. Monstrous distorted guitars and some slide too. Lots of guitars. Clare hates too many guitars, but this was my album.

The lyrics are kind of proverbial. When things begin, they contain their end, so they’re perfect.

The Old Docklands Wheel

I wanted to write a really, really DOWN Downbeat song. Lots of music isn’t heavy enough for me. It’s too cute. Or shallow. I want things to be really heavy or sad if they’re gonna try for those depths. So this is a relentlessly downward spiralling song. A spiky, discordant folk blues song. Mentions “the artist Schiele”. It goes down and down and then falls a bit further. Then the singer notes, outside the window, “the old Docklands Wheel”…Melbourne people would understand...

This song is graced by the guitar stylings of Nick Harper too. He’s a demon.

I was there

Almost a duet with Clare Moore. We’ve been musicians for a long time. Some times we hear and watch people talking about situations and events that we were at and they’re talking about a completely different scenario. It’s become mythic. You can’t challenge myths. I’m trusting this could be a common feeling. That’s what you have to do when you write songs- trust that things and “vibes” you have deep within you could be common to others.


The album is also available in digital - or with a  physical cd as well- from Bandcamp...

We're playing in a different style and tempo, many different songs from the past and in some DIFFERENT kinds of venues.

“In Concert” tour by Dave Graney 2014 – 

June 6th - lunchtime performance at Basement Discs - Block Place in the city of Melbourne
June 12th Bridge Hotel - Castlemaine w/ teeth and tongue

June 20th City Band Hall Mt Gambier w/ local band of brothers Blue Valentine 

June 21 and 22 Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide 
sunday (afternoon/evening) tickets here

June 27th Royal Exchange, Newcastle

June 28th Milton theatre, Milton NSW -w/ the Glammarays
tickets here

June 29th the Bunker, Coogee - NSW

July 3rd  Camelot, Marrickville - NSW w/ the Glammarays
tickets here

July 4th  Smiths Alternative Bookshop Canberra -     

July 5th  Rad, Wollongong NSW w/ Justin Frew's Loose Intentions

July 6th  Six String Brewery Central Coast - NSW
tickets here

July 11th SS&A club - ALBURY NSW
July 12th Deans Martian Café , Deans Marsh VIC

July 18th Brisbane – Beetle Bar – July 18th QLD

July 19th Solbar, Maroochydore, QLD

July 20th Byron Bay – The Great Northern 
July 26th - THE TOFF IN TOWN - Melbourne w/ the GlammaRays  

August 22nd the Happy Yess - DARWIN

MORE DATES TO FOLLOW.....Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

FEARFUL WIGGINGS album preview show in Melbourne this Friday May 2nd then EVERYWHERE

Cover pick by Tony Mahony. I bought the shoes the day before and the shirt a couple of days before that. Tony called as I was on a train into town, suggesting we do the cover shoot so its not really a  posed or styled shot.

I'd started the recording in early 2013, looking at being pretty occupied with the DAMES and HARRY HOWARD and the NDE for most of the year. Recorded all the songs on acoustic guitar with a few mics at different places as well as an amp in another room and a DI.

Didn't think of the final FORM of the songs, just wanted to work my way out from inside them.

Ran into Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) at a film music event and she invited me to do the vocals at her studio in country Victoria.

 The full story of that session is here.

Then I got in touch with Nick Harper, a UK player who had asked me to sing on a song on his 2013 album RIVEN.
I'm on a track called THE BEGINNING IS NIGH

Both instances involved other artists reaching to me from out of nowhere. I was very touched and inspired. (Nick had dedicated his album to Killing Joke and me...)
Nick's guitar parts are amazing. (He plays on two songs)

I'd been listening to a lot of 70s UK Folk for years and really wanted that ambience. Nicks father, Roy, was one of the stellar architects of that scene.

I worked on the recordings through 2013 , adding vibes and bass xylophone played by Clare Moore. Otherwise it's all me on guitars , bass, keys and some beats. I was always reaching for the Bo Diddley feel - such as in EVERYTHING WAS LEGENDARY WITH ROBERT.

The clip was conceived, directed and edited by MICHAEL VALE and DONNA McRAE who had done an equally stellar clip for THE DAMES. We had worked on the film JOHNNY GHOST with Michael and DONNA and hope to continue thet association on their next project. They came up with the seance/ spiritualist elements and the George Melies tribute effects.

I spoke to a friend in the UK and he urged me to get it mastered outside of Australia. I looked around at records of recent years I'd enjoyed and settled on Roger Siebel at SAE in Arizona as I loved the two most recent Bill Callahan albums, Apocalypse and DREAM RIVER.

Here is the track listing...


The itunes version has three exclusive tracks that we recorded.

14  I need some scratch
15  Kiss tomorrow goodbye
16  Aristocratic jive.

If you pre-order the album , it costs $13.99


We're playing in a different style and tempo, many different songs from the past and in some DIFFERENT kinds of venues.

“In Concert” tour by Dave Graney 2014 –

May 2nd - album preview party the WORKERS CLUB, FITZROY w/ the OCean Party

May 17th Baby Black Café Bacchus Marsh Vic

June 12th Bridge Hotel - Castlemaine w/ teeth and tongue

June 20th City Band Hall Mt Gambier

June 21 and 22 Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide

June 26th Brass Monkey , Cronulla -w/ the Glammarays

June 27th Royal Exchange, Newcastle -

June 28th Milton theatre, Milton NSW -w/ the Glammarays

June 29th the Bunker, Coogee - NSW

July 3rd  Camelot, Marrickville - NSW w/ the Glammarays

July 4th  Smiths Alternative Bookshop Canberra -     

July 5th  Rad, Wollongong NSW

July 6th  Six String Brewery Central Coast - NSW

July 11th SS&A club - ALBURY NSW
July 12th Deans Martian Café , Deans Marsh VIC

July 18th Brisbane – Beetle Bar – July 18th QLD

July 19th Solbar, Maroochydore, QLD

July 20th Byron Bay – The Great Northern

MORE DATES TO FOLLOW.....Hope to see everybody there. It's a FEARFULLY WIGGING time to be a touring musician. Be nice to have some company! If you're game.

Monday, March 31, 2014

FEARFUL WIGGINGS at itunes for pre-order. Only $13.99

pre order FEARFUL WIGGINGS - 3 extra tracks for $13.99

FEARFUL WIGGINGS is out in May .

itunes version will contain three extra exclusive tracks. If you pre-order it it will cost only $13.99.

Click here to pre-order the album

An album preview show will be at the Workers Club in Melbourne May 2nd.

Tour dates nationally in June, July and August.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stu Thomas Paradox sings LEE HAZLEWOOD - March 22 in Melbourne (last night)

Here are some photos from the Stu Thomas Paradox sings LEE HAZLEWOOD show March 22nd at the Flying saucer Club. Stu dressed the stage with some paintings he'd done. He approached this seriously and meticulously!

Stu Thomas also plays bass with the mistLY. His voice was perfect for Lee. Sometimes his register was so low it was like he was showing off.

 The show was all about LEE. Only one or two of the LEE and NANCY SINATRA hits. A fanstastic song he did with Ann Margaret called SLEEP IN THE GRASS.

Clare Moore was on keys and vocals. Amazing performance and playing. Skills!

 Phill Collings played so deftly and quietly. Setting the tempo and shifting the gears. What a  pro!

Eduardo Miller played the bass. In a very happy frame of mind as he learned the Sts were in the lead in the football.

It was a punt by Stu. Just wanted to actually play all the songs and not worry about accentuating the HITS or whatever. People were there who were HIP to the material. A real night for music LOVERS.

Here's a Lee song they did "PRAY THEM BARS AWAY"

and another- "After six"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Comrades- been a while - some stuff will be happening soon...

2014 is marching on at quite a pace. I've been sitting on this new album since the start of the year, keen to get it out and start working.
The record is quite arty and minimalist, yet pop. I started it in early 2013 by putting down a lot of ideas on acoustic guitar. No actual songs in mind. No choruses or arrangements. I was trying not to think of the END, how they would  shape up. As it happens, they didn't change much.
I did the guitar with Idge at Soundpark. Then I ran into Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance at a film music event.

She invited me to record some vocals at her studio in the country. I think she imagined I'd turn up with a song or two but I had 14 on my hard drive.

She had these beautiful mics in her studio with deluxe valve reverbs. I was just singing in the room, with no headphones. Lisa sitting and advising her engineer about EQ and effects. An amazing experience.

I was there for a day and a half.

The rest of 2013 I was busy with the Dames, Wam and Daz and Harry Howard and the NDE.

I worked on it the rest of the year.  It's coming out in May. 13 tracks. I play guitars, bass, keys and made up some beats. Clare Moore played vibes, bass xylophone and sang on it a  lot.
I also had Nick Harper play guitar on two songs.


Nick's father is Roy Harper.A noted British musician.

Funny, I'd been listening to tons of UK folk from that 60s / 70s period and Nick reached out to me from deep within it. He'd grown up with all those figures around the house. I sang a song on Nick's album and he played on two songs on my album. He's a demon on guitar.
I was very humbled and amazed to see his cd , "Riven" was dedicated to Killing Joke - and myself!

Lisa was great to work with, however briefly. It had  a great impact on me. And my music. We'd been aware  of Dead Can Dance since their beginning - and before- in the early 80s Melbourne scene. We probably went to their first ever shows and saw Lisa play solo gigs at pubs like the Rising Sun In Swan st Richmond. We saw them again at their Melbourne show in 2013, thirty years later.

I spoke to a  friend in the UK and he urged me to get the record mastered properly. I looked up the figures who had mastered recent records I loved and did it with Roger Siebel in Phoenix Arizona, because I love the sounds on those last two Bill Callaghan albums.

We're going to be doing some shows soon. All around the place. Doing more of a set that chimes with this album.

Friday May 2nd we are previewing the album at the Workers Club in Melbourne
July 20 and 21st we are at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide.  More dates to come.

A single , with accompanying video, for a song called "everything was legendary with Robert" will be Monday March 24th.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 so far - singles, albums, DAMES - JOHNNY GHOST - NDE - WAM and DAZ. More to come.

I started this year by  releasing some digital singles....

I've been doing some shows with the mistLY as well. Been to Adelaide and played around Melbourne.

All the while, the DAMES album was going to be coming out, and that involved rehearsals and gigs. Still going on. Been very enjoyable sitting off to the side playing guitar.
I also made this video for a song from the album, focussing on some of Clare moore's obsessions. Monstertrucks, demolition derbies, apocalyptic abandoned theme parks and the like. It was for the song JUNK TIME...

I also put out a Bandcamp only album of a show we did in 2006 at the Butterfly Club. A "narrative show". POINT BLANK. I was going to do it as one long file but the site couldn't take anything of that size so its two files. Roughly thirteen songs. All written by me and around the story of the heroic battles a performer must take part in to WIN the small piece of stage he wants to live on.

This clip will give you an idea of what the show was like. NO MICS. Just singing into the room.

This Black and White clip is from different season of the show.

I'll be putting up the sequel to POINT BLANK, LIVE IN HELL.  pretty soon.

There was also the BandCamp release of THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE MOVIE JOHNNY GHOST by Donna McRae.  A film which Donna has pushed around the world and, after more than a year , may get an Australian screening soon! (Its been very inspiring watching Donnas committment to the film.)

In the midst of this we rehearsed and recorded an album for Harry Howard and the NDE.
At the session Clare and I LEARNED six or so songs just before they were recorded. (I play the bass) It was an intense couple of days. the album is very, very good. Harrys songs are stellar. Edwina is a formidable performer. We're playing a lot of shows. Hopefully into 2014 and also hopefully to Europe. I shot this clip on my toy video camera and edited it in iMovie.

I have also been continuing to work on my SOLO album I started in January. This will come out in 2014. There was also the debut of WAM and DAZ. The rap duo I have with Will Hindmarsh from Go Go Sapien. A single will be coming out before the end of the year. Probably called PHONEY BALONEY (porn on the phone) . We have recorded about 8 songs.

Saturday Nov 16th, dave graney and the mistLY will be playing A DAY ON THE GREEN in Kings Park Perth WA w/ Hoodoo Gurus,You Am I and the Whitlams.
Friday Nov 22nd harry Howard and the NDE - THE METRO HOTEL IN ADELAIDE
Thursday Nov 28th THE DAMES will be playing at the RETREAT HOTEL in Sydney Rd Brunswick.
Saturday 7th December THE DAMES will be at the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond.

Sunday 8th December Dave Graney will be playing solo w/ the Crown of Thorns at the Northcote Social Club (afternoon)

Friday 13th Decemberthe DAMES will be at the RED RATTLER in MARRICKVILLE, Sydney on a great double bill with HARRY HOWARD and the NDE.

Saturday 14th December the DAMES will be at the HERITAGE HOTEL in BULLI on a great double bill with Jodi Phillis and the Glammarays

Dec 21st WAM and DAZ take on the Edinburgh Castle in Melbourne

Sunday 19th January the DAMES will be at the POST OFFICE HOTEL - sydney rd Coburg..
THE DAMES IN BRISBANE - Friday. (night) 21st February 2014 Queen St. Mall
Saturday (day) 22nd February 2014: Queen St. Mall
Sunday (approx. 3pm) 23rd February 2014: Powerhouse.

This photo is from a show at the VANGUARD in Sydney earlier in the year. My guitar strap broke mid song and fell to DEE DEE RAMONE levels. As you can see it made my head expand terribly and also my hands. Like I'm in that SUPERGRASS clip.

Friday, October 11, 2013

our label - COCKAIGNE - has a blog as well. details of latest releases on Bandcamp and other outlets


We've been releasing albums on this imprint since 2000.
First with Shock and then with MGM and Fuse distribution.


The latest release is POINT BLANK which is on Bandcamp only.

Also , the DAMES , which is available digitally for $15 or with a physical cd as well for $20.


It would be a  funny turn of events if we were to ever release anything on vinyl. That scene, to me , is a sad prank on musicians at this stage. But who knows?

The name comes from a mediaeval legend where houses were made of cakes and trees grew sausages. Subject of a couple of famous paintings by Brueghel.

The theme was picked up by others. (people were hungry!) and resurfaced in folk songs like "Big Rock Candy Mountain"

Next releases- (early November) will be the soundtrack to the movie JOHNNY GHOST and the sequel narrative show to POINT BLANK which was LIVE IN HELL.


Saturday Oct 26th, dave graney and the mistLY will be playing a show at the Post Office Hotel in Sydney rd COBURG.
Sunday Nov 3rd THE DAMES will be playing at the WHEATSHEAF HOTEL in Adelaide.
Friday 13th December the DAMES will be at the RED RATTLER in MARRICKVILLE, Sydney on a great double bill with HARRY HOWARD and the NDE
Saturday 14th December the DAMES will be at the HERITAGE HOTEL in BULLI on a great double bill with Jodi Phillis.