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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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current albums "Fearful Wiggings" and "play mistLY for me" . On Cockaigne. The latter is a digital only release. I don’t know what I am and don’t want to know any more than I already know. I aspire, in my music , to 40s B Movie (voice and presence) and wish I could play guitar like Charlie Christian or Grant Green -but not in this lifetime, I know. I also wish someone could put the music scene back together, but it was always flying apart. I like adult stuff. Always have.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

dave graney 'n' the coral snakes shows in August-October.

Hey! In the meantime I have played another show in Ballarat. At the same venue- the Eastern- and had a cool time. I was travelling by myself and drove on to the Victorian town of Kyneton, about an hour or so away. I had stayed in the hotel in Ballarat and awoke early. I found myself in Kyneton before lunch and parked in the street and fell asleep. Luckily, an old friend, Matt Sigley, called up and I spent an excellent day in his great secondhand book and record shop in the main drag. I highly recommend it.
Long Story Short is the name of the shop and this is it's Facebook Page.

It's upstairs at 58-60 Piper st Kyneton.  (03) 5422 2909
I bought Clare a Dostoyevsky novel. I'd gotten myself a John Cowper Powys epic (WOLF SOLENT) in the town of Daylesford along the way. 

Matt was once in the EARTHMEN and also the LOVETONES and his own DAYTIME FREQUENCY and is now also involved in VIDEO VIDEO with MATT DOLL. 
The gig was in a restaurant/ cafe called Major Toms and it was great to play to a  full room of people out to hear some arcane music. Well, arcane music is all I have so that's what happened. I played with my K YAIRI acoustic 12 string and my 1957 IBANEZ archtop through my CRATE solid state acoustic amplifier. I had  a ball. Then I drove back to Melbourne.

We have also been progressing with these dates we are doing as Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes. That's me, Clare Moore, Rod Hayward and Robin Casinader. We were invited to play at MEMO MUSIC HALL in St Kilda - specifically to play the 1993 album NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE.
We thought that , if we were getting the band back together it'd be good to play songs from outside that one album so we'll be doing another set at the shows of songs from records we made before and after that particular disc. Rod, Robin, Clare and I made NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE, with bassist Andrew Picouleau guesting on some tracks. We asked Gordy Blair, who played on all the other albums to play the shows but he declined to be involved. Stu Thomas from the mistLY will be playing bass. He knows most of the songs already.

dave, clare, robin and rod on the set of the "you're just too hip, baby" film clip shoot.

Robin lives in Canberra and the rest of us in Melbourne. We last played at the end of 1997 , when we'd put out our album THE DEVIL DRIVES. We met up in early June and rehearsed the original arrangements of all the songs as they were on the original recordings. It was quite eerie how it all just sat back together again. I was just singing - no guitar- and really enjoyed getting into the songs again. Quite an openly, emotional album. Powerful experience. 

We'll be playing the two shows in Melbourne first and then moving on to Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide. Here are some link to tickets.

Hanging out at the Lounge in Swanston st where we played a lot in the early 90s.

 Here is a clip from the NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE era. Shot and directed by Kerry Negara for SBS. I could talk underwater in those days.

Other shows we've done recently have included a week in Sydney , Wollongong and Newcastle and another trip to Brisbane. The latter was a duo show with myself and Clare Moore. We played three nights in a row and then flew back to blast out two sets at 4pm at the Post Office Hotel in Coburg with the mistLY. Here's a clip from that show, taken by Barry Douglas aka Barry takes Photos.

Until next time, comrades...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Further Out - Swingy George - the Tantanoola Tiger!

Another thing I neglected to mention about time and the music you send out into the unknown.
There was a song on the Moodists "Thirsty's Calling" album called "Swingy George" . We came from St Kilda to London and put the song down there. Propulsive kind of song we were best at. Bass heavy on one chord with Mick Turner grinding out some crude slabs of slide guitar. No blues except for my style of repeating lines over and over. Nobody ever asked me what lyrics were about in the band. I never made it my thing to separate them out.We had no lyric sheets with our records and the whole experience was a totality. 1984.
Then I got a call the other week from a  friend in Mt Gambier. He and his friends, hot rod aficionados and long term potheads had been watching a  dvd of the Moodists LIVE IN LONDON (1984). 

He said "that song Swingy George- was that about Swingy George?"

We then proceeded to compare notes on this character from our childhoods who had been a presence around the local (east side) childrens playgrounds. He would just sit there in the swings, looking comical because of his adult size. Nothing rotten ever happened, he was just a bit of a bogeyman. "Swingy George". Anyway, it took over 30 years for that song to get heard by a person who could hook into it and KNOW what the fuck I was singing about!
I now realize it was a kind of a folk tune. the post punk scene had this imperative that you write about your own experience and environment. The only thing was, in Melbourne, that we HATED most of our environment and were totally into frequencies from New York or London. Really, why would you be interested in Cold Chisel or the Angels with the Birthday Party or laughing Clowns, Alan Vega/ Suicide, the Fall, the Fore Engines  or the Contortions in your head?
I also wrote it with the film "night of the hunter" in my brain. That film was such a touch stone in that scene. 40s movies in general. The word "swingin'" had all the connotations of hanging as well as the goofy musical feel. The Jungle Jim was in every playground. Something for kids to hang off. I liked things to be just a  few repetitive lines.

"george was real enough
it didn't take much to make him swing
he was a black coat that we all coloured
yeah something from sleep caught in our light
a bad shape caught in our back yard
we wanted to see him swing
he was hangin around this jungle jim
just a black coat drifting
swingy george
he was a black coat that we all coloured
yeah something from sleep caught in our light
a bad shape caught in our back yard
he was still there when he had gone
we wanted to see him swing
he was hangin around this jungle jim
just a black coat drifting
swingy george

My friend was ringing about playing a gig in a  cafe on the main street of Mt Gambier in August. Also playing in the Tantanoola Hotel which is a timber town in one of the huge, spooky pine forests which surround the area. There is the legend of the Tantanoola Tiger!
It inspired Max Harris to pen this poem about the area ....

The Tantanoola Tiger

There in the bracken was the ominous spoor mark,
Huge, splayed, deadly, and quiet as breath,
And all around lay bloodied and dying,
Staring dumbly into their several eternities,
The rams that Mr Morphett loved as sons.

Not only Tantanoola, but at Mount Schanck
The claw welts patterned the saplings
With mysteries terrible as Egypt's demons,
More evil than the blueness of the Lakes,
And less than a mile from the homestead, too.

Sheep died more rapidly than the years
Which the tiger ruled in tooth and talk,
And it padded from Beachport to the Border,
While blood streamed down the minds of the folk
Of Mount Gambier, Tantanoola, of Casterton.

Oh this tiger was seen all right, grinning,
Yellow and gleaming with satin stripes:
Its body arched and undulated through the tea-tree;
In this land of dead volcanoes it was a flame,
It was a brightness, it was the glory of death,

It was fine, this tiger, a sweet shudder
In the heath and everlastings of the Border,
A roc bird up the ghostly ring-barked gums
Of Mingbool Swamp, a roaring fate
Descending on the mindless backs of grazing things.

Childhoods burned with its burning eyes,
Tantanoola was a magic playground word,
It rushed through young dreams like a river
And it had lovers in Mr Morphett and Mr Marks
For the ten long hunting unbelieving years.

Troopers and blacks made safari, Africa-fashion,
Pastoral Quixotes swayed on their ambling mounts,
Lost in invisible trails. The red-faced
Young Lindsay Gordons of the Mount
Tormented their heartbeats in the rustling nights

While the tiger grew bigger and clear as an axe.
'A circus once abandoned a tiger cub.'
This was the creed of the hunters and poets.
'A dingo that's got itself too far south'
The grey old cynics thundered in their beers,

And blows were swapped and friendships broken,
Beauty burst on a loveless and dreary people,
And their moneyed minds broke into singing
A myth; these soured and tasteless settlers
Were Greeks and Trojans, billabong troubadours,

Plucking their themes at the picnic races
Around the kegs in the flapping canvas booths.
On the waist-coats shark's teeth swung in time,
And old eyes, sharply seamed and squinting,
Opened mysteriously in misty musical surprise,

Until the day Jack Heffernan made camp
By a mob of sheep on the far slope of Mount Schanck
And woke to find the tiger on its haunches,
Bigger than a mountain, love, or imagination,
Grinning lazily down on a dying ewe,

And he drew a bead and shot it through the head.
Look down, oh mourners of history, poets,
Look down on the black and breeding volcanic soil,
Lean on your fork in this potato country,
Regard the yellowed fangs and quivering claws

Of a mangy and dying Siberian wolf.
It came as a fable or a natural image
To pace the bars of these sunless minds,
A small and unimpressive common wolf
In desperately poor and cold condition.

It howled to the wattle when it swam ashore
From the wreck of the foundered Helena,
Smelt death and black snakes and tight lips
On every fence-post and slip-rail.
It was three foot six from head to tail.

Centuries will die like swatted blowflies
Before word or wolf will work a tremor
Of tenderness in the crusty knuckles
Around the glasses in the Tantanoola pub
Where its red bead eyes now stare towards the sun.

This song from FEARFUL WIGGINGS mentioned Max Harris and his poem "upon throwing a copy of the New Statesman from the window whilst driving along the Coorong".

We're playing some shows soon! There's also now a second show at Memo for Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE show in August. Archiving the fuck out of it. Smashing it!

The last few weeks have been a rabbit hole of archiving songs and music from old tapes and digitizing them.

Before that- I did a lovely gig at a place in Ballarat called The Eastern. Ballarat has always been a hard place to "make show" in but this old joint is something different. A sweet crew of people came along to the room and I had a great time. Patrick McCabe , a local player, did an opening set and was real charming. He even did a song about us and the last time we played in Ballarat and the venue dropped the curtain on us while we were playing. The indignity!(It was a part of a music school and they were teaching students how to put on an event. Number one- the musicians are horrible- crush them!)
I was passed a note from an old friend from the MOODISTS days. Now bands grab onto many things when they are young and cooking themselves up in order to get some internal heat and balance happening. Some sense of themselves and where they sit in regard to the smaller world of music they are trying to live in and that worlds relation to the wider world. Worlds within worlds.
THE MOODISTS were three parts South Australian in the Melbourne scene. We were always outsiders, and grabbed tight onto that. We were also not from private schools and didn't take hard drugs. We were hard core boozers and loved country music and football. So we were delighted when we met a fellow who came to our gigs who was from Ballarat and who was a shearer to boot. This fit so well with us. He was a lovely guy and we got a lot of poise from knowing him.
So this card that was handed to me was from this old compadre, Mark, and he apologized for not making the show as he was shearing in the area and had some early morning work to do. How hard would that work be as you get older? How cool did I feel? To have this touch , this contact from such a real world, when I'd been so shamefully engaged in the precious world of alternative music for so long. This is me in the dressing room. (You always need a hat , scarf and coat when night falls in Ballarat).

Then there was our annual trip to Adelaide to play at our favourite venue, the Wheatsheaf. When I do a gig here, people come out of the woodwork. For Clare Moore too- we never know what to expect. there is also no dressing room or ANYWHERE to hide and take a breather, it's all out there in the room.
People also get into my music here like nowhere else, they know my shit! Always a pleasure to play in South Australia. They get me.

A woman came up to talk, saying she had a lot of my albums, a very nice person. She then said that her father had known my father, during the war. they had been on the island of Borneo together.

I have had a picture of them together for many years, they must be 17 years old in it. My dad Noel is on the left. I love the way their hats are at the same angle.

Then I came back to Melbourne to archive some more music from boxes of old tapes. I'd been meaning to do it for years but now I had to find some particular stuff. From particular periods of particular bands. I got a bit atomized, I'm afraid.

First, I had to get  some more tracks for this Cherry Red/Creation Moodists disc that's being put together.

I looked through some old notebooks and saw that I met up with Slaughter Joe Foster at BAROCCA in Soho August 13th 1985, then met with him and Allan McGhee at the Bee Hive cafe in Kings Cross Sept 4th.
The Jesus & Mary Chain gig at the Electric Ballroom where there was this "kind of a riot" was September 9th and we recorded the 3 songs for Creation at Alaska on September 10th.
We did shows around London as the single came out and a  tour of Holland in December.
Our bass player Chris Walsh left to return to Australia after that tour.
We recorded these other three  songs I found, with some others at our rehearsal room , (SOLID LIGHT in CAMDEN), onto a 4 track tape player and did further overdubs at a home studio owned by Scott Bushburt from Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs.
There is no bass on the session.
So the extra three songs are From 1986, no bass, lots of trebly guitar and drums and Clare Moore singing "the train from Kansas City" by the Shangri Las. Also another long lost song of ours called "the day they all wake up" and a version of Brian Wilson and Glen Campbells "I Guess I'm dumb" with me singing. Freaky sounds.
This is a picture of the Moodists at their last show in London at the Sir George Robey in 1986 or 1987. I was back there as a punter in 1996 to see Arthur Lee play with Love!

I then found all these live and rehearsal tapes of the 1986/1987 Moodists which featured David McClymont on bass. This was a really musically turbo charged, inspired period and the songs sound amazing. I really love the music we made then and would love to make a digital release of the songs.

The other main things I was looking for were demos for the NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE album. I'd done a lot of 4 track recordings in early 1992 with our live mixer Ted Hamilton at his place. I wasn't intensely perfecting anything. Quite the opposite. The moment I put down a guitar track and then a vocal was usually the first time it had ever really been arranged or put together.
Here I am in Tony Mahonys old East St Kilda flat in 1992 where we often got drunk and listened to excellent  records and hatched plans to show the world what our ideas of something really great was...

Anyway, I found it all, as well as demos for the following two albums and the session Clare and I did for the greater part of the Devil Drives album.

I was lead to this place because we are doing a show in Melbourne with Rod Hayward and Robin Casinader. Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes playing NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE August 8th this year. A Night of the Wolverine set and then one where we get unbuttoned.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Out of the Past. Thrice. I will have always been here before.Told ya!

So we have this digital only album out at Bandcamp now called play mistLY for me. It was recorded over the last few years at various shows we'd done. Sometimes with drums and two guitars and bass format and some with the acoustics more in play and Clare Moore on keys and percussion.
It'll be up on itunes shortly as well.

I've been uploading a lot of our stuff to itunes as we're working in a  different way in that digital distribution area.
For the last ten years or so we've been working our cds through FUSE distribution who are based in Sydney. Started out with Ian Underwood and Russell Hopkinson at Reverberation and then they moved to Fuse. Well Russell didn't, he was with DAPTONE ( as well as being the drummer for YOU AM I). It was great working with them, total music enthusiasts and Ian did fantastic reissue work at FUSE, putting together collections for TACTICS and CHADS TREE. Beautifully presented retrospectives with great archival artwork and liner notes. Stuff that's rarely done in Australia of course. Ian seems to have been working for a long time on a collection of Stu Spasm's work. Maybe it'll come out one day.

Anyway, times change and we've been in the process of moving our stuff online so I've been listening and checking a lot of audio as its been going up. Dealing with a behemoth like itunes is funny. Getting a US tax id for a start. On the one hand you have an almost extra terrestrial transmitter attached to the APPLE mothership and on the other you have to CALL UP and find and use a FAX for the Barney Miller era American tax system. Clare Moore talking to a person at length and explaining what a Pty Ltd is - to the US tax office...... who express amazement at how odd the rest of the world is....

So I had to approach our narrative albums "Point Blank" and "Live in Hell"which are available on Bandcamp as long , single files, into individual tracks for itunes. Also going to albums like "Kiss tomorrow goodbye" from 2000 and adding extra tracks that had appeared on b sides of singles.

Then there's the catch where each release pretty much had a slightly different band name. The Dave Graney Show, the Royal Dave Graney Show, Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, the Lurid Yellow Mist ....featuring Dave Graney and Clare Moore and finally Dave Graney and the mistLY. Oh except for the Dave Graney and Clare Moore double Hashish and Liquor. Then the solo Dave Graney albums and the Clare Moore Third Woman set. The system did not appreciate my cavalier regard for capital letters either.

WeWuz Curious!What a masterpiece!

Also uploading the original Heroic Blues. The title track of which is a piece of primo weirdness/pathos/truth. Great players in that line up. Billy Miller on guitar and Adele Pickvance on bass .

So , initially about 14 albums will be coming out through itunes and other digital retailers. Around the time we start to do a  lot of playing in late April to July.

One of the albums will be another live collection called THE DON. Much more of a semi acoustic collection with a lot of talking as well. A lot of talk.

There have been unexpected and still unpredictable movements in other areas - coming out of the past. One is a  Cherry Red set of cds based around the first lot of acts on Creation Records in the mid 80s, of which the MOODISTS were a part. A three track ep which we did for them and a John Peel session from the same period. It all sounds pretty good to me. This is the post Mick Turner and pre David McClymont period. Still pretty punchy and tough but moving toward later refinements. I'd love to get the later work we did out as well. Perhaps a digital release.

(You might be getting the drift that I'm not a part of the cheer leading wagon for the new age of vinyl. You'd be right. I think its silly.)

Then there's been an offer for a show by Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes. We've all been in touch and everybody is into it. Just dealing with the deals that are being offered. At the moment it's a strictly Melbourne event. Perhaps some time in August.

I am looking forward to playing with Rod, Robin and Gordy again. The work we did was great. Occasionally I have to negotiate areas where people outside the band start to tell me what it was that I actually did and what I do and so where I have erred and I am not good at listening to that sort of stuff. I never have been. That is actually what I did and what I do. My own thing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

play mistLY for me - new digital album and upcoming tour dates - beginning march 14th at Knox Community arts centre

First off, we have a digital only album out called "play mistLY for me". It's the first of two planned for 2015 and is available now via Bandcamp


Details of the album at our website http://www.thedavegraneyshow.com/General/playmistLY.html

A review from the UK here http://bobonscr.com/2015/03/04/i-will-have-always-have-been-here-before/

"play mistLY for me" is a collection of live recordings from shows over the last few years. 14 tracks. Shows in Adelaide, Newcastle, Katoomba and Melbourne. Featuring different instrumentation and approaches to songs. Recorded on a hard disc recorder sitting in the rooms where we played. No direct feeds from a desk or mics on any instruments, just a stereo track from somewhere in the ROOM. No overdubs attempted. It’s all here just as it happened.

 Upcoming shows 
March 14th - dave graney and the mistLY a special film and music show March 14th at Knox Community Centre Corner Mountain Hwy and Scoresby Road, Bayswater VIC 3153 t: (03) 9729 7287 TICKETS LINK http://www.knox.vic.gov.au/Page/Page.aspx?Page_Id=3178

Showing "smile and wave" a 20 minute short directed by Tony Mahony in 1998 - a whodunnit about dave graney and clare moore. (I mean it features some spectacularly bad acting from - well me I guess.)
Then a performance by dave graney and the mistLY ...

March 27th - dave graney solo at the Eastern Hotel in Ballarat 81 Humffray Street North Ballarat, Victoria
April 10th Westernport Hotel The Westernport Hotel - 161 Marine Parade San Remo 3925 www.thewesternport.com.au
April 11th - THE DAMES at the YARRA hotel in Abbottsford
April 25th (tickets here) and 26th (tickets here) dave graney and the mistLY at the WHEATSHEAF HOTEL in Adelaide SA

May 9th dave graney and the mistLY at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop in Ocean Grove

NSW dates
27/05 Wednesday - 183 regent st Bearded Tit –Redfern, NSW dave graney solo
28/05 Thursday Heritage Hotel Bulli dave graney and the mistLY
29/05 Friday Django Bar – Camelot Lounge - Marrickville dave graney and the mistLY
30/05 Saturday Bunker - Coogee Diggers dave graney and the mistLY 
31/05 Sunday Newcastle - Royal Exchange dave graney solo

Here's a clip for "a woman skinnies a man up" from FEARFUL WIGGINGS made by the CINEMANIA crew .. more bad acting FROM ME.

CINEMANIA are mainly Nick Cowan and his brother Alex ( the lead actor) and Thomas Whiteside.
They've done a clip for us before (we need a champion) and also did one for Harry Howard and the NDE called "DEVILS". They also have  rap crew called M.A.D. who played in Melbourne recently with SMB (steve miller band) and the NDE. They instituted a feud/ battle with the SMB which should continue for a while. Online insults were hurled and they finished their set with a song called "fuck the SMB" . This was taken badly, by some friends of the band and drinks were spilt - on peoples heads.Then M.A.D. went off to play in Adelaide and apparently killed it to a room of young clubbers.

Had some great shows with Harry Howard and the NDE this year. Playing with Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds was a delight. Such great guys! We had known Kid from his days in the Gun Club and also the first era of the Bad Seeds. In a world of such ephemeral , fly by night bonds it was great to meet up with an old friend again. His band had such a great, American SWING to their grooves. Naturals. Then we  played with the POP GROUP who were total HEROES to me back in the fabled day and they brought the FIRE to these shows and their new album. Beyond iconic, beyond legends, beyond respect. They killed it at their show. When they played WE ARE TIME I was totally transfixed. The new album is called CITIZEN ZOMBIE. Their show was unfortunately on the same weekend as Golden Plains. people really missed out on a great event.

Then Neneh Cherry turned up in the band room - fresh from a set at Golden plains. This is a picture of me with Gareth Sager and Neneh Cherry and Mark Stewart looming over us all!

 BLB , the show I do on Triple R in Melbourne every Tuesday from 12-2pm, has also been very enjoyable this year. Spoke to an author whos writing I have always enjoyed, Colin Talbot from Melbourne and his new novel THE SWEET MYST. If you ever see his collections of articles from Melbourne underground papers called MASSIVE ROAD TRAUMA- I highly recommend it.
Also did an interview with Malcolm Ross while he was in town and also David McClymont who was a part of the POSTCARD records scene and now lives in Melbourne. David is making music again and his work can be found here.

Also spoke with Matt Walker and Shane from THE LOST RAGAS , sound engineers/producers Anna Laverty and Simon Grounds and amazing NZ music artists Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding. All these interviews can be accessed via the Triple R "On demand " function. Here is the Marlon and Aldous episode..

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 - first show into it included a MOODISTS set. Found a great room!

I played my now "annual" Boxing Day show in Adelaide at the Metro in the centre of town. Clare played  a few songs. I've done it two years in a row now. So that makes it annual.

Played with my acoustic and amp and Clare got up to sing a few songs

I played a long set and mostly enjoyed it. Its funny, I'm always looking for the perfect, sweetest "room".  I suspect many singers do. Perhaps it's not even a room or space, its a time in space. People get together and things happen sweetly.

Thanks to Barry Douglas for filming a few songs.

The next show we did was January 10th- a party show for our dear friend Malcolm Ross, who was visiting from Edinburgh.

We rehearsed up a  lot of his songs and organized a day at Steve Millers cafe off of Brunswick st. Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment.

A days rehearsal was done at Soundpark.

The Steve Miller Band aka SMB did a set of three songs, as did Stu Thomas - with myself and Clare Moore backing him on two of them.

This is the SMB...

Then the mistLY stepped up and we did 3 songs...

Then we backed Malcolm Ross on about 6 songs of his. All super cool country-ish pop gems.
Like this one "another year another town" - special guest Billy Miller 

and "heavens door"

Then Steve came back on and we did four songs as the Moodists . Malcolm Ross played with the Moodists in the last year of the band in the historical period. (1986-7). He also played in the first version of the Coral Snakes in London 87-88 and recorded with us on the album "I was the Hunter and I was the prey" in 1990.

We also played DOUBLE LIFE. This is my favourite track from that historical period of the Moodists.  By that I mean the heavier sound we took from Melbourne and blew up bigger in London. This is a song where got back some of the bounce we had in Melbourne in 1981.

I absolutely loved playing the Moodists songs. They are my blues. Was a really great party. A great Room! Great rooms sound great with people in 'em!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The albums with Dave Western art - Stone Beach - My Life on the Plains- I was the Hunter and I was the Prey

Seeing as Dave Western was such a big part of our recent trip to London I thought I should show some of the work he did with us. Try for some sort of context.

After the Moodists came to a  slow halt in 1987 I sat around for a while, just enjoying life - working and living in London. Listening to music again and getting tips to sounds from people like Epic Soundtracks, I got an idea together about how to be  a singer songwriter. Lou Reed and Fred Neil were my north stars. East Coast , electric guitar types. Kind of jazzy. I also loved the west coast pyschedelic sounds and images of the CHARLATANS and QUICKSILVER. Kind of a buckskin feel.

Clare kept playing with different people, meeting different people. Including a hilarious sounding audition for the Jesus and Mary Chain when they were putting out their second album, DARKLANDS.

Gordy Blair was in one of the bands Clare played in.  They included Adam Sanderson who had been in early Creation records band the JASMINE MINKS. We had been involved with CREATION as well. It was a small kind of scene. Adam had a great David Crosby kind of look going.

This was the fist 4 track ep we put out on Fire Records. Art by Dave Western. Photo by Bleddyn Butcher.
Produced by Barry Adamson. I had written the liner notes for his MOSS SIDE STORY the previous year.
We did a lot of shows in London. Louis Vause on keys who we had met at one of our jobs. he played in a great band called the HACKNEY 5-0. Gordy Blair on bass.
Malcolm Ross had played in the last era of the Moodists (along with David McClymont - also from Orange Juice).

Just as the EP came out Clare Moore and I were asked to leave the UK and return to Australia. A real trauma for us but we planned to return and play with this great band again.

In Melbourne we formed a band called the WHITE BUFFALOES in 1989 and recorded this album for Fire Records. I didn't want to record all the songs I had already worked up with teh London band so we cooked up some new stuff. Art by Dave Western. We played a lot in Melbourne and Sydney. Then Conway Savage left to join the Bad Seeds. (He had brought in Rod Hayward on guitar)

This album was released on vinyl and also the new CD format as well! Included the previous EP on that. Produced in melbourne by Phil Vinall, who we had met in London. Fire Records sent him out to do the job.

We did a live recording which came out on a 5 track ep. Art by Dave Western. (Illustration from a  photo by Tony Mahony)

In 1990 we returned to London , Clare Moore, myself and Rod Hayward and hooked up with Gordy, Rod , Malcolm, Louis and Phil Vinall to record the album of my schemes and dreams. I WAS THE HUNTER AND I WAS THE PREY.

It was done in a studio in Croydon owned by Mathew Fisher who played the organ on A Whiter Shade of Pale.Thanks again to Phil Vinall for pulling it together.

We stayed in the UK for about 6 months and did some acoustic dates in Europe.

Just as the album was done a big indie distributor crashed and a lot of labels like FIRE were badly affected. The album plans were put on hold. Clare and I returned to Melbourne. i was quite devastated. Totally bummed out. The total blues. To the core. Wasted. Melbourne and its live music scene kind of revived me. I ran into  Robin Casinader on a bus and he said he'd like to join the band. Clare, Rod, Robin and then Andrew Picouleau on bass until Gordy Blair came out from the UK. We were a fearless unit. Coming back from the dead.

The album  came out in 1992, a few months before Lure of the Tropics and less than a year before NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE came out.

I have always loved "I was the hunter and I was the prey" the most. I put so much into it.

It included the CODINE ep on the cd. Art By Dave Western. Photo by Anthony Clare.

Dec 26th - annual dave graney solo show BOXING DAY AT THE METRO in Adelaide

Jan 10th - one off show with MALCOLM ROSS (Josef K/Orange Juice/Azrec Camera/Coral Snakes) at Handsome Steves bar in Melbourne. Steve Miller Band, Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Stu Thomas all having a squawk.6pm

Friday Feb 5th and Saturday 6th dave graney solo at the Junk Bar in Brisbane
Friday Feb 6th tickets here
Saturday Feb 7th tickets here

March 14th - special dave graney and the mistLY event at Knox arts centre in Bayswater


2014 solo album from Dave Graney. *****"If I've learnt anything in my years of writing about music it's that if you are going to do anything of worth in this tough game, you better have your own thing. Today's generic is easily replaced by tomorrow's. And yet you need to be flexible, to follow wherever the songs demand. In the case of this, only the second credited as a solo album among 30 or so Graney releases, it's a curious yet welcoming lane he walks you down, with acoustic guitars, not much percussion, vibes, smooth sounds. At the end of it you feel like you've awoken from a strange yet pleasant summer's dream. As shot by Luis Bunuel. It ranges from off-kilter reveries (A Woman Skinnies Up a Man, The Old Docklands Wheel) through to the softly seductive (How Can You Get Out of London) and the downright arch (Look Into My Shades, Everything Is Great In The Beginning.) This is music that is neither folk, nor blues, nor country, but it's all Graney, somewhere out to the left field beyond Lee Hazlewood's raised eyebrow. It's astringent on the tongue but sweetens in the telling." Noel Mengel Brisbane Courier Mail

you've been in my mind

June 2012 super high energy pop rock album - blazing electric 12 strings - total 70s rock drive. Greatest yet! available via paypal - $20 pp

rock'n'roll is where I hide/- 2011 "vintage classics/ re recordings" on LIBERATION


SUPERMODIFIED - August 2010 remixed/re-sung/re-strung//remastered/replayed comp via PAYPAL

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Knock yourself (2009)-first ever dg solo set-filthy electro r&b-available via Paypal- $20

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We Wuz Curious (2008)-blazing R&B jazz pop album available via paypal-$20


Keepin' It Unreal-(2006)-minimalist/lyrical vibes,bass and 12 string set - available $20 via Paypal


Hashish and Liquor (2005 double disc by Dave Graney and Clare Moore) available via Paypal $25

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