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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Let's get Tight - 2017 CD with Clare Moore. Moodists - Coral Snakes - mistLY. I don’t know what I am and don’t want to know any more than I already know. I aspire, in my music , to 40s B Movie (voice and presence) and wish I could play guitar like Charlie Christian or Grant Green -but not in this lifetime, I know.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Into the UK-Manchester Hull London

with Pat Waugh in Leith

After playing in Aignan we drove from the bottom of France to the top , with one stopover  in Compagnie. The soul of my patent leather shoe came off and I had to secure it with sticky tape. We drove on to Calais and I went through their version of BORDER FORCE feeling like a derelict. A short ride on the ferry brought us to Dover and we drove to Leeds where we stayed the night ina  hotel on the edge of town. It was full of grey haired people playing cards and being sociable, Georgio found it to be most "exotic".
The next day we drove on to Edinburgh where we rehearsed for two days with Malcolm Ross on guitar and Georgio switching to bass.
In Edinburgh we just had a cool time with Malcolm and Susan Ross and various old friends.
On the Friday we drove to Manchester where we set up at Freds Ale House and met the other band, Poppycock and Bob Osborne, who had helped set the show up. Bob runs a great digital label called German Shepherd.
We then went to the house we were staying at and ate some vegetarian curry. The place we stayed at was a house run by a woman who has bands staying. She was so cool.

The gig was great. A real listening audience. Lots of people who'd seen us before. We would have played a  set of about 16 songs, including two of Malcolms. Lovely people there. Bob and Victoria Egan were a tremendous help.
We would have played about 16 songs, a real excited, attentive audience. 
The next day we spent wandering in Manchester in a light drizzle. Met up with some friends who had lived in Melbourne until recently and went to see a Danish/Finnish band who were staying at the same house we were, do a live to Facebook set at the Old Granada TV studios. they were called Liima. A young, electro rock band. No guitars, synths, drums and bass. Very impressive.

Then we drove to Hull and checked into a grim motel. We went to the gig - a rough looking (on the outside) Northern club - and met up with Lou Duffy Howard who had helped set the gig up. We then ate at a  great Kurdish kebab house and went back to the club. It was Sunday and the streets were empty. The gig had a boxing ring in it where we stowed our bags. Gloves hanging over in the corner. A wall lined with punching bags of various sizes.

Lou's band, LOUDHAILER ELECTRIC played a set. Lou and her partner Rich had played in a  band called  THE RED GUITARS who we had shared a bill with at the ICA back in 1984. We had only connected recently via social media. They played all kinds of styles linked by Lou's voice and fantastic bass playing with a folk-ish edge to the lyrics. Songs about local stone circles. Rich took some great photos of us.

We played our set on their gear. Came off and people were absolutely beaming. They all really dug "Heroic Blues" which we'd started doing for this tour. A fellow mentioned "You Need  A Kleek, Klook" as he'd been to Klooks Kleek in the 60s and saw Jimi Hendrix three times. A bunch of young guys had seen us play at ATP last year. An amazingly switched on crowd.

We had a late breakfast the next day before heading off to London where we were to access our accom at 6:30. Not before a tour of Old Hull. European city of Culture 2017.

 Clare Moore- drummer of Culture 2017 ---------

Ross and Graney - hard geezers or what....

We caught up with friends and visited our old pad in Bavaria Rd in N19. Our last residence in the UK which we vacated quickly in 1988. We left all our possessions in someones roof in Hackney, intending to return as soon as we could.

 we lived on the top floor for several years and then one day ahd to leave all of a  sudden and...

There was an exhibition of artefacts from the London Undergorund magazines such as IT and Frenz, and OZ at a  gallery near our gig. We also walked around the steadily disappearing Soho area.
I also had to get my patent leather (plastic?) shoes fixed again.  I am determined that I wear them back to Melbourne. And then toss them in a bin.

We played Wednesday and Thursday shows at the Betsey Trotwood. Both nights were pretty wonderful. Many old friends and comrades came along. the support acts of both nights were really cool. Jeremy Tuplin and Gabriel Moreno. Thursday night was kind of kooky. A small room and there was a drugged, kinky air to some people. A  woman was requesting  a song from a  friend on the phone in Australia. She had an unfortunately bossy voice and kept piping up through the set. I lost my nana at one point and imitated her. She told Georgio after that in shitting on her I had shat on myself. True, but she shat me.... It didn't colour the whole event. Loved playing that little venue for two nights. Stewart lee had had to leave quickly the night before as a man insisted on showing him his lyrics on his website- protesting they were " as good as Richard Hawleys!" On the second night as we packed up Clare went to the khazi and immediately came back out as two women were enacting a torrid scene from a raunchy movie in there. London - modern Babylon....

Thanks to Mel Ashton for her generosity in making London so enjoyable.

 makin' the scene at Bar Italia in Soho...

We then drove all the way back up to Edinburgh and played a gig at Leith Cricket Club with our friends Buckleys Chance and Maggie Holland. Buckleys Chance are Malcolm Ross with Susan Buckley and her brother Billy on vocals and Jim on sax. their usual rhythm section was absent tonight so an acoustic set was played Susan was on autoharp on occasion. Wonderful singing. Maggie is a total folk singer of the old school. Great finger picking guitar played straight into a  mic and one song completely accapella.

These are the 17 songs we played,

Clinging to the coast
Everything was legendary with robert
A boy named Epic
Twilight Of a Villain
Heroic Blues
Happy Boy (Malcolm Ross)
You need a kleek, klook
How long does the raunch?
All our friends were stars
Robert Ford on the stage
We need a champion
My Avenger (Malcolm Ross)
Night of the wolverine
I been trendy
How can you get out of London?
as good as it gets (Malcolm Ross)
Rock'n'roll is where I hide

 Yeah it was a long set and we sorted a few people out. They've gone soft.

Had a very enjoyable tour. So many people helped make it work so well. Especially Georgio "the dove" Valentino who drove us the entire way and played bass and guitar and was such a  great character to spend time with.

And PATRIZIA who travelled to Vitoria and Aignan to play with us.  And Malcolm Ross who was amazing to play with again. And Susan Ross, both an inspired person and musician.

Bob Osborne in Manchester!

And Mel Ashton and Josh and Patrick in London and Bernie in Manchester and Luc Tim and Seb in France and Miquel in Spain.

And Lou and Rich in Hull!

And running into so many old comrades.

A few days in Edinburgh and then we return to Melbourne

Wednesday Nov 8th WORKSHY book launch Mt Gambier , SA
TIME: 6:30 – 7:30pm
VENUE: Mt Gambier Library,
6 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier 5290 

Nov 10th WORKSHY BOOK LAUNCH at Imprints in Hindley st Adelaide.

Tuesday 14 November WORKSHY EVENT
VENUE: The Avenue Bookshop - Richmond
TIME: 6.45pm for 7pm start – 8.15pm end

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide Saturday November 11th and Sunday Nov 12th (4pm show)

VENUE: The People’s Republic of Australasia, Camperdown, NSW

Dave Graney and Clare Moore
Thurs 30-Nov Brass Monkey - 115A Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 02) 9544 3844
Dave Graney and the mistLY
Fri 1-Dec Petersham Bowls Club 77 Brighton Street Petersham NSW 2049 T (02) 9569 4639
Sat 2-Dec Hardys Bay Club 14 Heath Road - Hardys Bay, NSW 2257

Sun 3-Dec - afternoon show at Co-op Club 1860 Pittwater Road Church Point, N.S.W. Australia 2105

Friday 8 December - Backlot Studios
solo acoustic session PERTH
Saturday 9 December - Fly By Night -Fremantle WA
Dave Graney and the mistLY
Sunday 10 December - Bar 459 - PERTH
Book launch - in conversation with Bob Gordon.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WORKSHY - my life as a bludge - notes

WORKSHY is out now on Affirm Press. I tried to write about all the little jobs I did while trying to be a musician/ artist. All those temporary situations. How I lived while trying to leave as small a footprint, handprint and general imprint as possible. I’ve written songs about that kind of scene. “You wanna be there but you don’t wanna travel”, “I’m the stranger in town”, “everything was legendary with Robert”.
It’s subtitled “my life as a bludge

My previous memoir “1001 Australian Nights” was more dreamy and abstract. About half awake dream that it was in my first band, the Moodists and how we imagined each other and also getting my tone and voice. It had two parts; coming into the world and then speaking as a part of the world. Two voices - innocence and experience.

Workshy has more personal detail about growing up in Mount Gambier, my individual and social identities and influences and my love of playing football as a kid and generally goofing about and doing my best to avoid work as best as I could. Also, the actual options that were open to me. Then I had to deal with the world and after a while I found I had dug into a weird kind of a groove.

Also, truth #1- “there’s no retiring in this business….” . (thanks Billy Miller)

In so many ways, musicians have been the canaries in the coal mine of much of modern life. We got to the brutal face of the modern scene where everybody is a “freelancer” first. Now everybody has to “manage the brand”. But we’ve always been depicted as hapless chancers and fantasists who avoided “the real world”. Hey, now people talk loosely and carelessly of “the gig economy”. Talk to a musician if you want to know what the future holds! We’ve been there for a while.

The cover art is by Tony Mahony, who has done almost all our cd and album covers and videos since1992.
I worked with Janet Austin on the editing and she did an amazingly thorough and creative job. She really gave it some air where needed and got it singing. Then the team at Affirm did their final stylistic edits and proofs. Thanks to everybody!

"Meandering humanity and honest music never follow guidelines. Neither does Dave Graney. Society didn't get fussy and uptight after he was born, it got fussy and uptight after it made being born Dave Graney illegal. The antidote: read this and remember what's real; better still, read it at work. This is a book that should come in a brown paper bag."

“Dave Graney is a genuine hipster bohemian street intellectual.  A committed rock'n'roll theoretician and a contrarian outsider of he first order.  
This second memoir is as entertaining, funny and well written as his previous book '1000 Australian Nights".  He has a terse and semi-abstract approach to writing about the absurd reality of being a non-mainstream musical artist in Australia and Europe,  and also of the succession of dispiriting and occasionally quite tolerable day jobs he has had. 
The book is liberally spattered with hilarious observations of the art and culture of the recent past and many amusing personal anecdotes.  There are also some arcane metaphysical ruminations on the technical minutiae of writing recording and performing his excellent songs.
Dave is the unchallengeable King of Australian rock memoirists.  Buy this book now!” 
Reg Mombassa

It’s out on Affirm Press and there are launches and events planned in a lot of places.

Sunday Oct 29th – Readings St Kilda. A talk with Gerard Elson.
TIME: 5pm
Readings St Kilda
112 Acland St, St Kilda

Wednesday Oct 25th, a launch in Melbourne at Magnet Gallery in Bourke st Melbourne. Happy and proud to say my inspiring friend Tony Martin will be doing the launching!
TIME: 6.30pm-8.30pm
VENUE: Magnet Gallery, 640 Bourke St, Melbourne

--> Wednesday Nov 8th Mt Gambier Launch
TIME: 6:30 – 7:30pm
VENUE: Mt Gambier Library,
6 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier 5290
Friday Nov 10th Adelaide Book Launch
Time: 6:30pm
VENUE: Imprint Books,
107 Hindley St, Adelaide

Tuesday Nov 14th – Melbourne event
VENUE: The Avenue ,Richmond
TIME: 6.45pm for 7pm start – 8.15pm end

Sunday Nov 26th Sydney Book Launch
VENUE: The People’s Republic of Australasia, Camperdown, NSW

Sunday Dec 10th Perth Book Launch
in conversation with Bob Gordon
TIME: 6pm – 8pm
VENUE: Rosemount Hotel, Bar 459, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth WA

Monday, October 2, 2017

Euro Tour Dispatch

We’d booked a few dates over the year and had the usual dramas of dates falling away and others coming in at the last moment. At some points it looked like we wouldn’t do it and eventually we’d booked the flights and there was no turning back. All the dates were set up by people we’d met over the years or over the last couple of years when we toured either by ourselves or with Harry Howard and the NDE. All at a very personal level anyway. At some point, you just have to tune up and play in Europe. We had no grant funds to help with the trip. It seemed to be doable or, at the least, possibly exciting. Not a real industrial event.
Matt Walker drove us to the train station at Upper Ferntree Gully to get the 12-25 train to Spencer street. From there we caught a bus to the airport. Clare Moore and I had a bag each and a guitar and we were to be away for six weeks. I wore a pair of suede trousers and a suede coat. One pair of (patent leather) shoes. All our clothes in one bag and gear (keyboard, cds  and leads) in another. Clare had a Yamaha REFACE CP keyboard (all electric piano sounds) and I had my Maton EBG808 acoustic with a MXR micro amp pedal for clean boost, an Aphex acoustic BIG BOTTOM pedal and a Tech21 XXL overdrive. 
We were checked in at 3pm for a 6pm flight. Melbourne airport being refurbished meant that there was one or two small cafes open for everybody flying out. We ate some expensive sandwiches and waited. We flew Emirates all the way to Singapore and then Dubai and then on to Amsterdam. I watched the fourth season of Ray Donovan for the first two legs and then started on Tony Martins soon to be released novel , "A DeadlyKerfuffle".

poster by Matthew Robertson

We sorted Euro phones at the train station/airport in Amsterdam and then caught a train to the city where we checked into the Iron Horse Hotel. We walked around the red light district and amazing churches in the city with a friend the next day and then played in Haarlem with Georgio "the dove" Valentino at a great Irish bar called THE WOLFHOUND. A couple from Australia were among the people in attendance and we played our first show with acoustic guitar, keys (Clare) and Georgio on electric guitar. We stayed with Georgio's friend Joost who plays in a band called Grey Lotus and again took in some spectacular city squares and churches. (Chris Bailey from the Saints also lives in Haarlem, his partner came to the show with his regards as he was off on tour.)
We travelled on to Luxembourg to meet up with Georgio's partner Patrizia Finzi and also drove on to play in Brussels at Cafe Chaff. We had played there last year. Brussels is quite a thrilling, vibrant city with beautiful squares and a real mix of people. It’s open and swinging all night.
We returned to Luxembourg and played at a cafe in nearby Esch. This time, Patrizia joined us for four or five songs on bass and Clare had a drum kit.
There was also a delayed wedding party for  Georgio and Patrizia with lots of their family and friends in an impressive hotel on a  hill in the city. 
Georgio's sister had flown in from hurricane threatened Miami for the party and we drove her back to Brussels for her flight. On the way we listened to the entire recorded output of the Doors on the car music player. I still love every note...

We also got an education from Georgio in the later works of Echo and the Bunnymen and the general ouvre of Richard Marx.
We touristed about Luxembourg for a couple of days before driving on to Orleans in France where we played on a Monday night in a rock'n'roll bar in the centre of town. We stayed at a friends place in a very rustic street in an overall completely charming town, dragging gear and cases up three flights of stairs.
Rennes (Brittany) on a Tuesday was cool. The show was organized by the very generous Seb Blanchais from Beast records. What a cool cat. We set our gear up at the Bistro De La Cite and hooked up with our contact who was putting us up and then scrambled to meet up with old friend Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance and his partner Francoise, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Florence and their friends Oliver and Fabele . The show was great. I reckon....
We stayed at a wonderful flat around the corner from the gig, just a very short walk. Martin was our host. He runs a large world music festival in the area. He had played guitar until the age of twenty in a band called Kalashnikov whose singer was Dominic Sonic. We had played with the latter in Lille in 2014 as part of Harry Howard and theNDE
Next day, Martins wife cooked an amazing meal of mackerel and salad with wine and chocolate. 
We stopped at Brendan’s on our way out of the city and took a tour of his amazing studio. We had coffee and cake and cooed over the miniature goats, horses and donkey. We’d known Brendan in Melbourne in the very dawn of the 80s before he started Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard. We saw them play then in 1982/3 before they left for good and then again in Melbourne in 2013.
Caens venue was in an industrial part of the city. I'd always wanted to come here as the Dandy Beau Brummel spent most of his life here after fleeing Regency London and all his debts. This was a small  party more than a gig, still, we made show. The venue was built, maintained and run by a lovely fellow. Emeric, who had his warehouse full of curios and oddities. Like a pickers giant cave. Quite magical. Also, his food was spectacular. (He cooks in wholesale quantities)
We drove to Beau Brummel's grave, with Georgio playing the garage band THE BEAU BRUMMELS in the car. There were no signs for it anywhere. Georgio had found it before, on another trip. 

We headed to a place on the freeway called Saintes where, on a whim of Georgio's, we ate a meal called "potato five ways". Deep fried onion rings and crumbed cheese balls. All light brown in colour - a sepia meal.
It was quite horrible. Then I learned the salad had duck gizzards in it..... 

We stopped briefly at the Catholic miracle town of Lourdes. As it was raining, I stayed in the car to mind the gear and Clare and Georgio braved the garish, holy casino alleys of the town.
The gig in Argeles Gazost was a true honky tonk affair. An audience of faux/for  real gypsies and anarchists. All wanting to boogie. We played for more than an hour and gave them more than they wanted. One fellow was immediately dubbed "your boy Pirates Of The Carribean". A group of Australians were in town on a cycling tour. From Katoomba. Another fellow in a Richmond beanie who told me he used to go and see "the Gravies and the Dockers". I couldn't offer him any thoughts there. We ate a truly excellent dinner at 7pm and played at 10 pm and waited until 2pm to decamp to our digs. I cannot say any more. A beautiful town at the foot of the Pyrenees. Real music lovers running the venue.

While we waited for our accom we sat in our car outside and watched the crowd come out to smoke and get drunk and loose. The PIRATE  was mostly sitting in a stoned dormant state on an outside settee but was suddenly espied in a hot embrace with TWO women - then they left and he deflated back to his natural posture. 
We were almost asleep when our ride-guide made to leave. Drunk as a Gallic fuck in his car. We waited for even longer as more romances bloomed and died while the venue was slowly turned off. Suddenly there was action and he sped off and left us in the empty streets! Then he reappeared, driving at speed straight at us, suddenly braking inches away and laughing madly behind the wheel. We (equally madly) followed him for a further 15 minutes drive through the towns streets to his large party house where we found his car parked and the doors flung open and we walked in and stayed the night. A strange, intense, stop and go night, ending in a silent chateau.
We got up at 9am and left to get some breakfast. We drove for most of the beautiful Autumn day, listening to Jobriath, Nectarine No. 9, The Sexual Objects (both bands fronted by former Fire Engines main man Davey Henderson) and Chucho Libre. All sounded great. Davey Henderson is a genius on the guitar, the songs, the vocals and the whole god damned conceptual thing. I have been educated. 
We stopped in the principality of Andorra because Georgio had always wanted to  do so. Between France and Spain, high in the mountains. Beautiful views all around. Like staying in a ski resort in summer though. Restaurants closed at 4pm and open again at 8. We ate at a Mexican joint- though it was no "joint". 
We arrived in Torredembarra, Spain, and drove to the venue. Very funky and down home feel to it all. Driving past vacant blocks and unfinished building projects, lots of graffitti. Dusty and dry. A bit like Darwin in the dry months. 
The hotel was a house attached to a restaurant. We entered through the gate which was tethered by a bent piece of dark iron like something from a 1940s Australian farm. After knocking on the door, we entered to see a small woman with her back to us watching tv. We got her attention and were shown our upstairs rooms. Very beautiful and rustic.
We went to the venue which would not have been out of place in old timey Deadwood or Tombstone. 
It filled with people out to socialize and listen to some music on a  Monday night - just as if it was a normal thing to do.... 
We played for an hour and fifteen minutes and went over well to the crowd of people in the room and drinking outside in the warm, night air.
People said things like "nice" and "i enjoyed! Strange but good..."
An annoying posh busker from Perth popped up in my grille with an impossibly plummy voice. He told me he'd heard of me around the traps "but you know how homogenous the folk scene can be..." This was after saying he'd heard I came from Perth as well as him. Noticing my puzzled expression after his commentary on the "folk" scene he asked if I'd taken his words as being somehow derogatory. I said I didn't know what he could be possibly trying to say. Later he was playing his guitar to some girls outside at a table. 

Next day we visited a Roman ampitheatre in nearby Taragona. There was the sea and an ampitheatre. In the intervening years a railway line had been built in between, making the ruins hard to access. We did it though. A single black cat roamed through the dusty, deserted stones and fallen pillars.
We drove on to Zaragoza for the next show. My shoe had come apart from climbing over rocks and one sole was flapping about in a comic manner. I asked the man at the venue if he had any gaffa tape and he gave me some glue to fix it, which worked a treat. Nothing was difficult for these Spanish, it seemed. the nicest people I have ever run into in Europe.
We played in the basement of a hostel which had once been a palace and also a place for the inquisition. The room was 600 years old!
The sound was wonderful. We played there for the Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The venue threw both performances up onto Facebook. Whilst in the city we visited their Goya museum and another Roman ampitheatre. A wonderful place. 

The next day we drove to Madrid, listening to nothing but mid career, easy listening Scott Walker.
Madrid was equally intoxicating for us. We had no show, we were just stopping off on our way to Vitoria, in Euskadi. (Basque country). We picked up Patrizia Finzi in Madrdid. She had flown in to do the show as we were to be supporting Tav Falco’s Panther Burns in a club called HELLDORADO so we thought we’d better make some noise. With drums and bass and guitars. The venue was in an industrial area full of panel beaters and motor mechanics. Like the Australian rockabilly scene is a close mix of hot rods and music.
We soundchecked after Tav and I played a lick of SNAKE DRIVE, from the first Panther Burns album, “Behind the Magnolia Curtain”.  Tav was fixing his guitar by the side of the stage and said I had to get up and play it with them later.

We all ate some beautiful food together. I had a pesto salad and then baked cod. Then we played at 11pm and Tav played at 12:30 to 2:30 am.
It was a great night. I’ve always loved Panther Burns and Tav is as weird and cool as ever, playing that Hofner “beatle” six string and messing with the strict blues timing all through the set. He ended with a great new song called “Whistle Blower Blues” about Edward Snowdon et al. 
At some point, I did indeed get up and play SNAKE DRIVE. It was most enjoyable!
The next day we drove to Aignan and played in the amazing house of ex pat Australian Tim Wotoon. He invites people from around the area. As we arrived, his daughter was on the swing – inside the top floor of the house. Her pet rabbit was jumping about. We played to a gathering of international locals. This is the kind of set we did at these gigs with drums, bass, guitars and Clare also playing keys and percussion...

A woman skinnies a man up
Everything was legendary with Robert
I been trendy
A boy named Epic
Twlight of a villain
You need a kleek, klook
How long does the raunch?
All our friends were stars
Night of the wolverine
I’m never Off
Rock’n’roll is where I hide
Bodysnatcher blues

At other gigs we played without drums and included songs like
Midnight to dawn
Heroic Blues
There’s the royal troll
Sometimes you can see yourself
Are you Out of your mind?
Mt Gambier night
How can you get out of London?
I wanna get lost again

Then we drove to Gare de L’Est in Paris and said farewell to Patrizia and drove toward Calais…Hearing of news of violence in Catalonia and in Las Vegas.

Fri 6 Oct | Fred's Ale House | Manchester GB w/ Poppycock and UKEPUNK
Sun 8 Oct | O'Rileys | Hull GB w/ Loudhailer Electric Company
Wed 11th + Thurs 12 Oct | Betsey Trotwood | London GB
Sun 14 Oct | Leith Cricket Club | Edinburgh, GB w/ Buckleys Chance and Maggie Holland

Dave Graney and Clare Moore at the Skylark Room - Burrinja Arts Centre in Upwey-Tecoma. October 21st.

Oct 22nd - WORKSHY BOOK event - Q and A with Gerard Elson at Readings Bookshop in St Kilda.

Oct 25th WORKSHY BOOK LAUNCH at Magnet Gallery in Bourke st Melbourne w/ Tony Martin.

Wednesday Nov 8th WORKSHY book launch Mt Gambier , SA
TIME: 6:30 – 7:30pm
VENUE: Mt Gambier Library,
6 Watson Terrace, Mount Gambier 5290 

Nov 10th WORKSHY BOOK LAUNCH at Imprints in Hindley st Adelaide.

Tuesday 14 November WORKSHY EVENT
VENUE: The Avenue Bookshop - Richmond
TIME: 6.45pm for 7pm start – 8.15pm end

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide Saturday November 11th and Sunday Nov 12th (4pm show)

VENUE: The People’s Republic of Australasia, Camperdown, NSW

Dave Graney and Clare Moore
Thurs 30-Nov Brass Monkey - 115A Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 02) 9544 3844

Dave Graney and the mistLY
Fri 1-Dec Petersham Bowls Club 77 Brighton Street Petersham NSW 2049 T (02) 9569 4639
Sat 2-Dec Hardys Bay Club 14 Heath Road - Hardys Bay, NSW 2257

Sun 3-Dec - afternoon show at Co-op Club 1860 Pittwater Road Church Point, N.S.W. Australia 2105

Friday 8 December - Backlot Studios
solo acoustic session PERTH

Saturday 9 December - Fly By Night -Fremantle WA
Dave Graney and the mistLY

Sunday 10 December - Bar 459 - PERTH
Book launch - in conversation with Bob Gordon.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Grisly details and shots of what I've been up to for the last month.

To put it to a timeline, I had my appendix out May 19th and walked out of hospital May 26th.
On the day of release, a vacuum pack was attached to the wound. It helps to hold the wound together, suck out any fluid and to generally speed up the healing. It has to heal from below to the outer skin, so they also pack it with gauze.
So I walked out of the hospital carrying the Vac Pack thusly...

I put it in a  blue bag and slung it over my shoulder and tried to go about my tasks. I learned to move more slowly and to not lift anything. My voice was still husky due to the tubes being shoved down my throat but it slowly came back.

I did that show with the Coral Snakes a week later. June 3rd. It was a real leap into the unknown but it seemed too hard to postpone.

I had nurses coming most days in the first couple of weeks to take temperature and blood and change the dressing.

It was connected like this. 

The Vac pack was hard to sleep with and I carried it under a large coat when going out. At the cinema, it made a noticeable ticking sound and people must have gotten curious abdout the bomber in row E.

Luckily , we didn't have any other shows to do and Clare and I had a wonderful time doing the soundtrack for Donna McRae's ghost/horror film LOST GULLY ROAD.

Yesterday, we finished the soundtrack (it sounds and looks great!) and the Vac Pack was taken off. Last night was the first time since May 26th that I slept without the ticking of the pump and the tube pulling every time I rolled over. Thats about four weeks of it.

All the care from the hospital and the Home Nursing has been amazing. I'm still getting the dressing changed every day for another week or two. the wound still needs to heal from the bottom to the last opening.

Its been strange in that at no time have I felt any kind of pain. Discomfort and tedium yes but never pain. Even when I went to the doctor, I only thought I'd pulled a muscle. It seems the appendix had perforated and was hard to get to so they had to cut deep and long.

I have been going out and doing all kinds of things and eating well. Thankfully it's been so cold that a long coat didn't look at all weird. Just had that blue bag strap visible at the neck and hard to colour coordinate.

So its been a bit of  disruption in my life. A curious event that could have easily gone many different ways. that week in hospital was dream like. Boring and endless. So many voices drifting around the beige  room and the corridor and in my mind. People can drift between life and death so easily. Just trip away and let go.

So there won't be a July digital release I don't think. The soundtrack was great to work on and took all our time and energy. Clare is fantastic at that kind of work, the creativity as well as the administration and detail that film soundtracks demand. The syncing and note keeping. It sounds great.

We have our June release out, TWO BASS DRUMS AND A MELLOTRONE.

Georgio Valentino noted on Facebook..
"I knew it was only a matter of time (ie, decades) until my passion for and encyclopedic knowledge of Gabriel-era Genesis would be immortalized in song. At long last, Dave Graney, Clare Moore and will.i.wam aka Will Hindmarsh have made the dream real."


And we also have our CD comp LETS GET TIGHT out.
Its available at Greville Records, Rocksteady Records, Readings  and Basement Discs in Melbourne. Redeye Records in Sydney and Streetlight Records in Adelaide.

We will be doing some instore performances in Melbourne.

Lunchtime (1pm) Friday August 11th at Basement Discs 24 Block Place in Melbourne.
Sunday August 13th Greville Records,  afternoon show.

Upcoming shows
2017 shows
Dave Graney and the mistLY w/Died Pretty and Radio Birdman July 1st Croxton Band Room

Instore set at READINGS IN ST KILDA for LETS GET TIGHT southside launch. Saturday July 8th at 1pm. 

Dave Graney - solo - By request show- Sunday July 23rd at SOME VELVET MORNING. 123 Queens Parade in Clifton Hill. A LEAPS AND BOUNDS festival event. 

Dave Graney and Clare Moore Friday August 4th - the Bison Bar , Nambour - QLD

Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th (6pm start on Sunday) at the JUNK BAR in BRISBANE.
**** Sat show SOLD OUT- early 4:30 pm Saturday afternoon show added for the JUNK BAR in Brisbane.
Dave Graney and Clare Moore at the Skylark Room - Burrinja Arts Centre in Tecoma. October 21st.
Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide November 11th and 12th 

My book, WORKSHY is also coming out on Affirm press in October.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My tips on Travel- for what they're worth

I was interviewed about my views on travelling. My favourite venues and festivals and the like.
A few other performers as well.  I could name them but this is my blog and I ain't here to do no prick any favours. It would tax me to write their names. Nice people though! Mostly.

This is how the article appeared. I appreiate the edits needed  due to space and the room needing to be sweet for advertisers etc. I know all that!

It's nice. The musicians are all nice too. http://www.traveller.com.au/the-ultimate-travellers-gig-guide-gwl6i2

And just for the hell of it, here are the answers the way I sent them, the unedited typing.

#What’s your favourite venue to play in the world and why? [we’d want to know a bit about why you might love the town or city the venue is in as well, why the whole experience is superior to others - the only thing is that the venue needs to be still running so readers can visit it. Because it is a travel article, we’d need as much as possible about the place as the experience, for example, if the venue is, let’s say, The Bowery Ballroom in New York, why you would pick that but also what makes New York such a great city to play a show in, including what you might do before or after the show (where you’d go for dinner, drinks, or sightseeing)]

My favourite gig is always the last one I played. Its been an intense period recently. I have played on some interesting islands in the past, well the COCOS ISLANDS for one , in 2007, and that was quite amazing. We had to borrow some equipment from local people and this led to Clare Moore playing an electronic drum kit but we made show! 2500 ks into the Indian Ocean past Perth. Was just an unrepeatable experience. We had to stay on the island for a week. Which was lovely. Anyway, last week we did a gig on Dangar Island which is on the Hawkesbury river. We had to get our amps onto  water ferry for the brief trip to the island and the bowling club in which we were to play. Had a marvellous time. A gig pulled together by local people who just want to hear music. Those are my favourite kinds of places to play.

#Name the one venue in the world you haven’t played [that is still running] that you’d like to play, and why?

I haven’t played the Beacon theatre in New York. I would like to play there because, until recently, the Allman Brothers set up shop and played twenty dates there every December.  Otherwise , the Fillmore in San Francisco. Because I love West Coast music of the 60s period. I must say, in general, I believe its bands and performers who make memorable scenes rather than venues.

#What is your favourite city in the world to see live music or buy music, and why, please name a record store and/or venue there that is a must-see?

 Edinburgh has produced some great music. In 2013 I was lucky enough to be there to see the first of the POP GROUP reformation shows and they were completely wonderful. There is a great record shop there - quite small- called CODA MUSIC which has a lot of excellent folk music ON CD. I associate Edinburgh with my friends in a great band called BUCKLEYS CHANCE. They are named after Billy and Syuzen Buckley but also include Malcolm Ross on guitar who plays with us whenever we get to go there and also played in three magnificent POSTCARD RECORDS bands, Josef K, ORANGE JUICE and AZTEC CAMERA. I also associate Edinburgh with iconic folk performers like DICK GAUGHAN, MAGGIE HOLLAND and THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND.I feel very at home in Edinburgh and would live there if they could arrange a few more sunny days.

Another favourite city and venue is the wonderful GOLDEN DAWN in AUCKLAND. I just love the place and the whole city. New Zealand music is as good as their films, stellar! There is also a fantastic record shop which seems to be the repository of the entire North Islands record collection called REAL GROOVY RECORDS. I onle ever dive into bargain bins with a  $2 limit but I spent about $60 there in 10 minutes.

#If you could play one festival again where would it be? [best festival setting/vibe and why]

 Newport jazz and blues festival 1958. The whole audience wore preppy modern jazz gear and sat on deck chairs and grooved behind their RayBans. Anita ODay wore long gloves (maybe to hide her track marks). Chuck Berry killed it. Gerry Mulligan. A great film was made of it called JAZZ ON A SUMMERS DAY. Performances intercut with scenes of student parties on boats. In general, I can’t stand festivals, I like music in small clubs. It sounds and looks better. Festivals died in the mid seventies and somehow got revived in the 90s. Time for them to go away again.

#What’s your favourite musician-friendly hotel in the world and why?

 I prefer AIR B and B actually. Get to meet people outside of rock music. I stayed in one called K West in London once, named after the sign on the cover of Ziggy Stardust. It was pretty awful - too much attitooooood. The 90s in Sydney was great for a hotel in Kings Cross called the HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE where all the Australian bands stayed. The staff were cool.

#When in a hotel should one leave the TV where it is or throw it out the window? And in your touring life what is the most outrageous thing you have seen/done in a hotel?

Leave it where it is and keep it turned on. Just like home.

At the new Hampshire I went to go to take a leak and walked straight out the door of my room. Had to go to the reception to ask for a key, in my underpants. Not really outrageous but a little bit LARRY DAVID as I had been giving the German guy at reception hell over something or other earlier. A walk of shame I guess. He was smiling, I am sure.

Dave Graney and the mistLY w/Died Pretty and Radio Birdman July 1st Croxton Band Room

Dave Graney - solo - By request show- Sunday July 23rd at SOME VELVET MORNING. 123 Queens Parade in Clifton Hill. A LEAPS AND BOUNDS festival event. 

Dave Graney and Clare Moore Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th at the JUNK BAR in BRISBANE.

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide November 11th and 12th

still vacuuming - Everybody-lets get progly!

Yes, I'm still attached to this vacuum pack after my appendix operation. It creates a vacuum which helps the wound to heal. I dunno what they did before this as it's getting awful tedious carrying this thing around. Don't worry, I won't post any pictures. that would mean having to look at it myself.

Still, our health system is amazing. Visited at home by nurses to keep a check on the healing process. All really great, skilled workers. Thank you all!

In other news, we have this June single out. TWO BASS DRUMS AND A MELLOTRONE.

Inspired by long drives in April , playing in NSW, listening to Georgio "the dove" Valentino extoll the virtues of Genesis as he investigated them as a youth growing up in Miami in the late 80s/ early 90s. Weird huh? Music- where can't it go?

Dave Graney, bass, guitar, keys, vocals.
Clare moore, drums, vibes. keys.

Will Hindmarsh aka WAM, mellotron and vocoder.


this jam emanates from the north you know
from the USA and EUROPA
bespoke to my pal Georgio
Georgio “the dove” Valentino
he opened the book at Genesis
he closed the book at Genesis
from Genesis to Genesis ya dig?
two bass drums and a mellotrone

he strolls with his pal Patrizia F.
she knows the score from the streets she left behind
the king of Luxembourg nods out on his throne
two bass drums and a mellotrone

Miami, Detroit, Bruxelles
she sells seashells
vous connaissez Niagara?
Morrissey and Stipe walk into a bar
whats gonna happen man?
just havin’ a jar!
two bass drums and a mellotrone

put your “pr” in front of an “OG”
prolly get progly
party people know the party line
Clare Moore steps up to her vibraphone
Patrizia checks her herringbone
party up yer parlophone
daisies up yer piano
whoopsie doo!
dozey doze!
two bass drums and a mellotrone

at Charterhouse they got their flow
PA’s had yet to cruel the show
Genesis had the lowest blow
26” Phil
Peter 24”
two bass drums and a mellotrone

from Genesis to Genesis
Mahavishnu too “you know! you know!”

two bass drums and a mellotrone

party people know the party line
party up yer parlophone
daisies up yer piano

whoopsie doo!

dozey doe

lets get progly!


Here we are playing, early one morning in April at BEGA ABC. Just think - my appendix was about to gurgle and take fright....

Dave Graney and the mistLY w/Died Pretty and Radio Birdman July 1st Croxton Band Room

Dave Graney - solo - By request show- Sunday July 23rd at SOME VELVET MORNING. 123 Queens Parade in Clifton Hill. A LEAPS AND BOUNDS festival event. 

Dave Graney and Clare Moore Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th at the JUNK BAR in BRISBANE.

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide November 11th and 12th

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memo Music Hall show debrief

THis show last Saturday by Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes (I always write it that way, just because I find it odd to just refer to it as a CORAL SNAKES show - I mean I wrote all the songs and sang them and  ..) at memo Music Hall in St Kilda was the most dramatic yet. A full room came along to see the gig. Thanks to all who came! I really appreciate it. The shows we have done since 2015 at that first Memo Show have been EPIC and quite exciting and the music stands as a unique, stand alone event from that 90s period in general.

Adelaide twice, Newcastle and Sydney twice and also Brisbane. There has been little noise in print or text or radio about the gigs but people come out of the cities to see us. Something happened and it meant something to all those people. It meant a lot to us too. The music was high grade and the lyrical side of it holds up too. We never earthed ourselves in youth culture or even alternative culture. Well, more so the latter but it was an alternative culture all of our own divining. Reaching back to 40's noir movies and poetry and football and all kinds of sly pop grooves. Never into distortion or anguish. Screw that grunge! We had compadres and peers locally and internationally and tried our best to matter in terms that were current.

Anyway, I wrote earlier of my burst appendix and the operation which happened about 14 days before this gig. We were going to cancel. I felt pretty weak and my voice had quite disappeared, due to the tubes going down my throat brushing against my vocal cords quite roughly. Then I actually felt better each day and thought we'd do the gig. Its hard to reconstitute a band and the show would have had to have been postponed and rescheduled. So we decided to NOT cancel or postpone it a week out from doors opening.

On the day I left hospital I was hooked up to a small vacuum pump which is connected to a tube which comes out of the wound in my side. This is on all the time and creates a vacuum which helps the wound heal and also sucks out any fluid which might be present. There was a bit of fluid as it turned out I had gotten a post op infection. Probably due to the appendix bursting and a lot of actual shit and bacteria swimming about my body and the open wound.

So I had to wear this little thing, about the size of a thick hardback book, around and also sleep with it on.   Our health system is amazing and I had a nurse visiting every day to attend the dressing and take blood pressure and general temperature and blood samples etc.
I wore the pump to some interviews at 3RRR and at 3AW in Melbourne. We also had a rehearsal and my voice came back.

On the day of the gig I kept pretty quiet and low key at soundcheck and leading up to showtime. I'm not the type to do a lot of performing off stage , anyway.

Julitha Ryan opened proceedings with a great band. Stu Thomas on bass, Mick Harvey on guitar and Idge on drums and Brett Poliness on percussion.

A few friends came backstage but I might have freaked them out with my stillness and long overcoat. I'd lost a  bit of weight, too.

For the gig I wore my dark blue Safari suit which I must have last pulled out of the cupboard some time in 1994. I needed the belt to feel its support around my waist. Holding stuff.

Before the show I unplugged my vacuum pump and sat on a stool as we started. Then I stood up and white line fever or Dr Footlights took over. I did a pretty tightly wound show as compared to our recent Basement Sydney gig which was intense and up close stuff.  After the first song I found my tempo and it all went really well. I like to do a show that hangs together for an hour and fifteen minutes. The talk and the moves and the music all builds to a point and releases over and over. Its a highly compressed set that we do. A decade of work in one gig.

People who haven't ever seen us think they know what we do or what a show is. They know fucking squat is what I'm sayin'! Their expectations are LOW.

After the gig I plugged back into my vac pack and went and stood at the merch table.

Our audience is vintage for the most part though there were some people in their twenties around. Fucking cool kids!

It's been great playing with Rod and Robin again. We might do more if we get the right kind of situation. We're not into going around playing in clubs and having to do all the heavy lifting as far as PR goes. We need that to be taken care of, part of the deal. Then we can just turn up and play.

Thanks again to everybody who came along.

And thanks to Clare Moore for organizing all the gigs, the logistics and the planning and timing amd rehearsing and getting information out to all concerned. It wouldn't happen without her tour managing and deciding and execution. 

Oh, and I've still got the vac pump connected. Hard Core!

Dave Graney and the mistLY w/Died Pretty and Radio Birdman July 1st Croxton Band Room

Dave Graney - solo - By request show- Sunday July 23rd at SOME VELVET MORNING. 123 Queens Parade in Clifton Hill. A LEAPS AND BOUNDS festival event. 

Dave Graney and Clare Moore Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th at the JUNK BAR in BRISBANE.

Dave Graney and the mistLY
The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Adelaide November 11th and 12th 



2014 solo album from Dave Graney. *****"If I've learnt anything in my years of writing about music it's that if you are going to do anything of worth in this tough game, you better have your own thing. Today's generic is easily replaced by tomorrow's. And yet you need to be flexible, to follow wherever the songs demand. In the case of this, only the second credited as a solo album among 30 or so Graney releases, it's a curious yet welcoming lane he walks you down, with acoustic guitars, not much percussion, vibes, smooth sounds. At the end of it you feel like you've awoken from a strange yet pleasant summer's dream. As shot by Luis Bunuel. It ranges from off-kilter reveries (A Woman Skinnies Up a Man, The Old Docklands Wheel) through to the softly seductive (How Can You Get Out of London) and the downright arch (Look Into My Shades, Everything Is Great In The Beginning.) This is music that is neither folk, nor blues, nor country, but it's all Graney, somewhere out to the left field beyond Lee Hazlewood's raised eyebrow. It's astringent on the tongue but sweetens in the telling." Noel Mengel Brisbane Courier Mail

you've been in my mind

June 2012 super high energy pop rock album - blazing electric 12 strings - total 70s rock drive. Greatest yet! available via paypal - $20 pp

rock'n'roll is where I hide/- 2011 "vintage classics/ re recordings" on LIBERATION


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Knock yourself (2009)-first ever dg solo set-filthy electro r&b-available via Paypal- $20

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We Wuz Curious (2008)-blazing R&B jazz pop album available via paypal-$20


Keepin' It Unreal-(2006)-minimalist/lyrical vibes,bass and 12 string set - available $20 via Paypal


Hashish and Liquor (2005 double disc by Dave Graney and Clare Moore) available via Paypal $25

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